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  1. Sigh, it's a shame but we've to respect China's values. Though I've seen more steamy make out scenes in other Chinese shows before..... Wondering if the censor board is measuring with different yard sticks for costume dramas....
  2. Someone on Weibo shared that the epilogue is 31 mins long and has a sweet ending with the couple having a son. Hope it's true
  3. @Yoong Yes, I also believe she recalls it. Not that I mind hahaha. But I thought it's pretty inconsistent as she didn't recall the previous times. Unless, the presence of XY made a difference....
  4. Thanks for sharing. You described it so beautifully and I fully agree with you. I managed to watch the previous episodes w/o dropping a tear but the moment XY asked when they were in their white robes hit me in the heart like a dagger. His micro expressions and CY's response was so heartbreaking I can still feel the emotions when reading your views. They are both indeed wonderful actors. And also the detail about him releasing her hands for a bit, seeking affirmation before proceeding with the actual deed, totally slipped me but it makes it even more beautiful, as I was wondering
  5. The ending of ep35 is super depressing....Good that there is going to be an epilogue.
  6. Whoever already saw the last episode, can you spoil if they at least consummated already? Thanks
  7. Season 2 maybe? They should at least do it like Goodbye my princess where additional snippets are released for free to satisfy fans This is actually quite upsetting that they left it open
  8. I share the same bitter sweet sentiments. Most probably going to re-watch all episodes again and relive all the sweet moments. And then quickly hop on to another drama to fix my hangover.
  9. @enzekthanks for explaining how to do this And yes, I was also wondering if he had hit the last base. A couple of more hours to go and we will know the answer.
  10. Ep 33 https://glb.m.mgtv.com/b/340167/9691573.html Ep 34 https://glb.m.mgtv.com/b/340167/9691574.html Can't wait to see how they got together. Hahaha
  11. https://m.weibo.cn/p/100808ba5267bba538c4274c1ef25874e7eeb0/super_index?from=page_100808&from=page_100808&mod=TAB%3Ffrom%3Dpage_100808&mod=TAB&mod=TAB&jumpfrom=weibocom Let me try. See if it works... The preview is super sweet. But I wonder how they got back together?
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