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  1. oh it was really insightful , but i found smt missed. All the things you described as their interaction was like 2-3 years ago.So if they are still in consideration part how we can catch their passion between them even they are not official loveline. ( i respect all the ideas please dont misunderstand me ) . For me if they are just siblings they would show us more siblings vibes on RM , just like YooMin or HaMin , but this is so weird we cant see any vibe btw them . But also we know that they are not stranger to each others anymore , even KJK who doesnt drink , drinking with So Min
  2. I also felt same things at this episode , yes they were SBS awarded loveline and they were doing their job again but this time something was not same in their chemistry and if KJK was single why HaHa LKS and KJK acted so weird in loveline scenes? They took award with this loveline in same channel so acting like lovers would be so normal but he ignored it. (yes actually he is officially single but i think you will understand me). Well i also think KookMin started to date officially in Anyang episode times and still dating , if they are just sister and brother i will be shock . But d
  3. Writing this for KooMin's fans ; since vietnam group has a lot haters and spartace fans in their page there are alot hate comments for KJK and So Min. I checked photos on coffee truck , they are all okay for our lovely RM members , but under the post comments are awful , fyi When we come to pose of KookMin , its is sus that girls are not in center as usually , i dont know why suddenly KookMin came to love and show their intense to us :))) I love KookMin soo muchhh .
  4. Thank you for your answers @Catch-22 @AB_fan , since i dont watch MUD i am not aware about situations ( I dont watch because it has to many script and dont like some celebrities in there ) In my opinion Kookmin are together since September 2019 and i feel like this because of the reasons in this forum.They too strong and i cant ignore them. Kookmin is not just close about skinship , they changed a lot individually about mentality-related and behavioral ,and started to resemble each other, so i m waiting some updates as well but i m not full of passion about to know their relationsh
  5. What is the point that MUD doesnt filming in his apartment?
  6. I dont know if it is just me or i am really obsessive about this two , but they started to look alike each other . their smiles , lips are seems like same
  7. according to your thoughts what do you think as reasons? They cant be suitable for public but if it is not i really wonder about them :))
  8. I dont think she need to try make a move.Sometimes we really cant know what is their screens means.
  9. Thanks for info <3 RM next episode seems like full of ChanMin and Spartace in dance parts so lets stay strong and enjoy the our babies individually . I am hopeless about kookmin scenes in these days with this profesional edit team of RM But stills looking for new moments
  10. oh my god dear it was in 2017 or 2018 even i cant remember so well ( i mean it was long time ago )+ bracelet can be from same sponsor and i want to highlight this for everyone : we cant say certain thing according to see on TVs . Thats why we are talking probabalities in this ship.
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