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  1. im waiting for the mini concert on Sep 20. Youku said something about hitting 1 hundred million likes and give us fans a bonus of 11th life LOL
  2. most likely not, their story ended. Wish to see them in a second collab though
  3. They are airing this drama the same day as the end of the advance Love and Redemption eps lol YCY looks so pretty too bad the plot is not my cup of tea.
  4. I am ready for the final showdown!!! Official poster from weibo
  5. Pretty sure they didn't film that part. Most likely censorship, XJ said she will tie him up and do whatever she wants with him hahhaa
  6. The curse 3 times is a plot hole. Should have happened already by the end of ep 47. Ep 44- 47 explanation
  7. The drama is called Xiaozhuang Epic, I remember it was very popular back then when I watched it as a kid. based on the trailer, they seem to following the same plot.
  8. @eclipse02 ya, the promise of chang an is a re-adaption of another drama so I know the plot. I just want a Cheng Yi cut lol @Ma911 S911 I think she wants to make a mark so she will remember him next life?
  9. So sad that this drama is ending next Thursday. I'm going to miss it, feel like a wild ride.
  10. I think fantasy drama has a limited of under 60 eps now under the new Chinese broadcast rules. They might give us the uncut version later.
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