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  1. hope everyone is healthy and well ♡ @s_ellagrace ohmygoodness!!!!! thank you so much Q_____Q i will definitely check this out when i have free time this week..how exciting!!!!!!!
  2. @Table122000 again, thanks for the info!! very informative and good to know. this will be my first time watching a drama on Prime lol so when i have time I'll check it out! another advantage with Prime is that episodes 19 and 20 have eng subs....on YT, these two eps don't have eng subs!! MangoTV, please get it together lol @enzek ooh thanks for sharing that article! it was an interesting read, and it makes me miss our leads :( -thanks for sharing updates of HYX and ZYC!!!! i really missed seeing them together haha every day i hope that they'll have another project together aga
  3. @Table122000 OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for letting us know T____T my sister has an Amazon Prime account so if it's available in the US I'll watch it there imagine....GOOD ENGLISH SUBS!!! finallyyy edit: it's available on Amazon Prime Video in the USA!!!!
  4. I'm not sure if it's her real voice singing...it kinda sounds like her, but at the same time it sounds a little higher than her actual voice?? lol even when she talks in that trailer, her voice sounds higher than her actual talking voice. i wonder if they dubbed her voice again..? we'll just have to wait and see xD also, i haven't watched Eternal Love but i have seen Miles Wei in a few other dramas before.....and oh he is sooooooooooooo cute haha he always looks so soft!!! I'm sooo happy that recently he's gotten a couple projects as the main lead ;___; **edit: i just realized you'r
  5. thank you!!! also LOL I'm happy that you laugh at that scene and remember us xD our general is seriously too cool esp at that scene....i have heart eyes for him and him only *__* you wrote this a month ago and i feel it's still true, at least to me >< their chemistry is out of this world!!! it makes TSP sooo incredibly unforgettable!! and i agree with you that his voice is so tender and gentle when he speaks with the princess omg..my heart flutters just remembering it!!! and the sign and seal contract scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre So Goooooddd that they leave such a st
  6. woah the whole layout on my phone looks different now lol but hello everyone!!!!! I'm back....kinda lol I've been MIA for a long time bc of personal reasons but whew now i have a little tinyyyyy bit more room to breathe (except that USA elections are pretty crazy and stressful right now) when I'm free this week I'll go thru all the posts that I've missed and maybe I'll reply to some heheh even after all this time, rewatching TSP makes my heart all fluttery and happy haha the chemistry between our princess and general are really too powerful!!!!! also, i wish i was kiddi
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