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  1. I can’t imagine L&R 2 happening at this point, otherwise the company would not let CY be so cold at the concert? To be honest I am not even interested in a sequel because the drama was beautiful and I enjoyed the ending very much, I was hoping for a new collaboration between the leads because their chemistry was really good, but after CY’s behavior I don’t know what to think. It’s difficult to rise to fame so rapidly, every step you take is seen and judged by the audience, I still hope he was nice to BY offscreen.
  2. I just finished watching the full concert, it was a cute event but sadly zero interactions between the main couple. CY got a lot of backlash, his Weibo fans dropped of 30 thousands I am sure he was told from his company to avoid interactions with BY since he has another drama airing but he was really stiff and deviated every question about SF and XJ, he avoids eye contact with BY, does not comfort her when she cries in the end, he comes off as not a gentleman, I am angry at his company because probably they put so much pressure on him and he ended up being too careful.
  3. Finally I can concentrate about work and life in general without obsessing over this drama, but I miss it so much, I plan to rewatch it soon
  4. Gosh I can’t believe it’s the end! What a satisfying finale, although I felt the wedding was a bit rushed, I wonder where Wu Zhiqi and Little Fox went, did they reborn together? Btw am I the only one that found it very funny when Tiandi was giving everyone directions on where to go, and XJ’s dad drunk and the end LOL SF really set a high standard for drama ML, he is the perfect boyfriend, husband and daddy too Definitely going to rewatch my favorite parts, I wish the actors could appear in a TV show together or something!
  5. A compilation of lovely BTS of our couple: I am not ready to say goodbye to this perfect CP Hope to see them together in another drama soon!
  6. I just finished ep 53, we are in for the final rush! I am sad this wonderful drama is ending but I am happy that our leads can finally be together I hope HC will get the punishment he deserves, he has definitely abused his power as Dijun to manipulate everyone just for what he believes is “Dao”. I loved XJ in this week’s episodes, she really has grown up to be a woman now, I find her more and more beautiful as she finally learned to wholeheartedly love SF.
  7. OMG I am at ep 47 and I just want to say that Snake god said all the words I wanted to shout to those blinded people still believing SF is evil
  8. Lizegong atmosphere is very different on set Sorry this is not from the set of Love and Redemption but I just find it hilarious XD Fu Gongzhu is very handsome! https://www.instagram.com/p/CEElqmdA00X/?utm_source=ig_embed
  9. New OST sung by our main lead CY! His voice is very sweet even though I don’t remember hearing this song in the drama? CY is very playful on set but shy in interviews Wedding poster shooting, cute interactions
  10. I just finished ep 44, what a roller coaster! I guess that at this point we will not get happy moments until the last episode
  11. Sharing another cute video while waiting for new episodes: LOL at CY’s on set fashion Guys I don’t know what happened but on Dramacool they uploaded up to ep 44??!! https://www3.dramacool.movie/love-and-redemption-2020-episode-36.html
  12. Oh boy if today’s episodes were heavy and eventful! I am so sad for LL and MY but at the same time happy to see that LL finally grew up and is no longer the spoiled princess of the first episodes, her acting was very touching. Thankfully we have the snake god to balance the sadness of these episodes, he looks amazing with the dark outfit and he is always so funny and extra xD My poor heart is already breaking for SF in the next episodes, we will have to wait three days to see him devastated again SF rap to relieve angst of the latest episodes
  13. Our CY can sing too! Such a talented boy, he deserves all the success this drama is bringing to him!
  14. Omg Sifeng escaped death for the Nth time today, he really is the most unfortunate ML in drama history We are halfway through the story and there are still many mysteries to be solved! By now it’s clear that I wonder also what is the mission XJ’s dad gave to MY, I hope that he and LL also can have a happy ending! Just a little critic: am I the only one that can’t stand the actor of RY? His acting is really bad, his facial expressions are never adequate to the feelings he should be conveying, I just can’t get to sympathize with his character because of his poor performance.
  15. BTS of the nine past lives: Poor SF got stabbed so many times XD but they look awesome in every costume! BTS of the first kiss scene:
  16. Just finished ep 27-28, omg their past 9 lives are so sad, but the qixi date was so cute, she finally accepted his mother’s hairpin as a promise of marriage I liked that they did not drag the fact that Liu Da Ge was hiding something from them, this drama really does a good job at resolving misunderstandings quickly! Also anyone finds the blonde snake god so cute? Can’t wait for him to find XJ so we can see his interactions with SF xD
  17. Finally today we will have two new episodes! Can’t wait to see their past stories, it will definitely be bittersweet! Sharing a cute interview of the leads:
  18. I have read that it has a happy ending with a sweet wedding but I’m trying to avoid the spoilers as much as possible. I think you can keep watching, don’t worry
  19. Hi everyone, it’s been so long since I have been so passionate for a drama that I even lost my super old Soompi account and made a new one just to jump in this forum and follow the thread! The ML is really handsome and a good actor, the FL is not a breathtaking beauty but I find her naturally cute and their chemistry is amazing! And also the lovely supporting characters, the intricate plot, the high quality special effects, it is really everything I would ask in a drama I was wondering what is the schedule of this drama, is it two episodes everyday except for Sunday? But I don’t see
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