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  1. Well haters are just gonna keep on hating. Don't bother because the whole world is loving them! <3 This one article kept on renewing I noticed. Same content but was posted on different days.
  2. hm that's interesting! i guess i'm shipping them too hard that any sort of info from their end would be a delulu LOL
  3. "is it for kim soo hyun or seo ye ji?"...omg what does that mean?!!! can't think, explain please I'm a bit dumb dumb right now lol
  4. I'm happy that we always have new contents of Ye Ji and Soo Hyun almost at the same time! **delulu** the whole world is shipping them too! haha
  5. I haven't seen any hate posts abt yeji and i don't wish to see; just in case i couldn't help myself from ranting lol
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