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  1. @HopeHyunjiisreal Hi, I understand you may be upset about KSH leaving her on stage alone, but I don't think you gave a fair judgment. KSH was just following the protocol. First, the protocol was made for safety and health reasons. Second of all, with all the spotlight and shipping going on, of course he wouldn't want to break the protocol like LJG as it will raise more suspicions and may cause a rumour. You can imagine what kind of headlines will appear in the following morning if he did that? There is enough suspicion already, so he just wanted
  2. Sorry to break the news guys, but the article is still there The link is here: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1111458506
  3. Well, I don't think GM should sue them. It is not a dating rumour. OSEN did not say that they are dating. GM should just ignore it. It is probably just a clickbait and responding to it would just make things worse. I mean, what do we expect from GM? To make a statement that he is not in love with her? That sounds really odd.
  4. @denira2104 Those are not official articles from legit media. They just use the keyword as a clickbait. Not sure where the rumour is.
  5. @denira2104 @szne09 Plus, we know that KSH is a man of details and nothing he does is random. He wouldn't lead someone on if he is not interested. Remember Episode 2? Based on the script, Gang-tae was supposed to open the lid of canned coffee and handed it over to Juri. But, KSH didn't do it and simply passed the can to Juri without opening the lid first. KSH was right to improvise because the simple act of opening the lid of canned coffee would have been inconsistent with Gang-tae's character who was never interested in Juri. I am a strong believer t
  6. @szne09 Remember the NOW radio interview? KSH was asked whether he has ever made any sacrifice for someone else. He gave an example of him not taking any vacation leave so his fiends can. Pretty sure he was talking about not taking his vacation leave in 2019, because he did take his vacation leave in 2018. Not sure how long it was, but the news said he took his leave since Feb 18th 2018, which is two days after his birthday. I wonder if he met SYJ during his leave. Of course this is just my delulu mind talking
  7. I think the interview that u talked about was the Jenga video. He was asked what was the turning point in his acting career, and he answered military service. Not sure why he said so
  8. @Private10 We have seen her wearing both rings in the promotional videos/interviews/offscreen events, which were filmed between May and June. But, since PBIO started filming in early or mid March, they had already finished filming several episodes by the time they did the promotion. So I checked the early episodes to find out whether the rings were there. Apparently, the Cartier ring was first seen in Episodes 2/3 when KMY followed KT to the OK Hospital--when she wore the red shoes. Meanwhile, the Didier Dubot was first seen in Episode 3 when KMY taught her
  9. @Meinehappiness @Private10 Tbh, I like her current agency. She is not pressured to maintain a social media presence. This may make some fans upset but if staying away from social media is what she really wants, we should support her decision. She suffered from cyber bullying in the past, and I guess this may also be one of the reasons why she deactivated her Instagram account. GM appears very supportive of her decision and takes her privacy seriously to protect her interests and well-being. Other GM artists have at least an Instagram account with various level of f
  10. @firebabe you know what? I just checked Didier Dubot's instagram, and they only posted SYJ's pictures with the earrings and necklace (ep 11), but not the ring. Does it mean the ring is not an endorsement? Thinking hard....
  11. @Private10 OMG YOU READ MY MIND! That's what I think too. This lovestagram may actually confirm that their relationship is not in its early stages anymore. Both of them are not the type of Kceleb who would reveal their love lives to public unless things are serious. So, M announcement may actually come sooner than we predicted. Another question is why now all of sudden? After the drought of hyunji contents during PBIO, now we are getting hints more & more. I think they may be waiting for SYJ getting her first (of many) award and recognition she deserves.
  12. Even if they know something is up between hyunji, I think they will not spill anything. So far, I haven't heard any comment from a Kyeye about hyunji.
  13. Some shippers on twitter pointed out that she might actually took the photo from the pedestrian sidewalk, which means she wasn't in a moving vehicle passing through the bridge. If, ONLY IF, that is the case, she prolly lives nearby the bridge, hence she was just jogging or dog walking? Not gonna intrude her privacy, but just pointing a possibility. Another possibility is, she was visiting someone living nearby & just taking a nice stroll through the bridge. I mean, in this pandemic, everyone is wearing a mask. It is a good time for celebrities to be out in public without being
  14. In the public eyes, they only met in the pudding commercial in 2014. So, how did the host know how Yeji calls Soohyun though? I wanna know coz us shippers have been wondering since day one! Hahaha
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