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  1. Oh my dear! After watching the Indonesian Trailer, some pieces started to go together. I always thought the red gown Xuanji was her during her God days, but it turns out it may be one of her mortal lives where SiFeng went to join her. I was thinking that the villain was one of Xuanji's past life when she was a male, since it she's suppose to be genderless. It turns out that the villain I'm almost sure now is Si Feng joining her in one of her reincarnations as Empress Wu. haha
  2. I'm not sure in this drama how far back Brother Liu met Si Feng. It's told that most of then are 6 feathered garuda, so Si Feng is special. Kind of like 9 tail fox, where most of then rarely have 9 tails. The story of phoenix is that not all the bird will become a phoenix, also making the phoenix special? I guess it's to bring out Si Feng being special. Another thing is his name Si 'Feng.', Feng is a part of 凤凰, the full word for Phoenix. Brother Liu knew Si Feng from when he was very young, so calling him little Phoenix I guess is not too much to think into.
  3. I guess because it's shorter nickname than Little Gold Wing Birdie. haha. They look like Phoenix and Si Feng being a 12 feather golden bird is suppose to be the most powerful one. One step from a Phoenix I guess.
  4. Hi, new friend here! I've been waiting for this drama for many months so had gone to listen to the audiobook first. Most the the characters look and feel very much like their novel self. The flashing back to God lifetime is very good because I've gone half the book and still don't know anything other then that she was God of War. It's so mysterious, but I crave to know more about their past lifetime.
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