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  1. I agree with you guys. On the show is not that interesting yet. I also liking the chem between Mike and Ivy as well. They really are really cute. I think it will take a few more episodes to get more exciting. @JenL So Yong Jiu grocery store is good? I was pondering watching it.
  2. @JenL @Anjali Punia agree about the Goblin vibes and Hotel Del Luna. I loved Hotel Del Luna. Personally I feel like the sfx is okay. I am not expecting anything amazing and I think if they don't try to do big effects with a small budget then it looks decent. The bakery lady is super sweet. I like her and yes I do what to know about Meng Po and CK as well. Is it that she doesn't remember their past life but CK remembers it all? The Queen I do like her as well. She seems to give CK a little bit latitude so she must understand why he went after her. I agree
  3. So I watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. I am intrigued and definitely want to know more about all the storylines and characters.
  4. I wanted to pop back in hear and just say I did enjoy the last episode a lot and I do like how they ended everything though I still wish the storybook part was more well developed. I know there is a distinction between AR and TX but still wish so I could enjoy the whole show more. But the whole cast did an amazing job and overall I did enjoy it.
  5. @JenL Thanks so much for the thread! I am super excited for this one. I really like Mike He and Ivy Shao and I love this type of fantasy drama.
  6. @JenL@VanellopeVS2020 will catch you both on the Devil's Punisher thread. I am going to miss all of you guys in this thread and hope to see in in the other threads. I am a bit tired was doing some work deadline stuff so will watch the finale episode later with subs. Though couple points I like to make is I enjoyed the show alot and even though I did lose some interest due to my love of QF and because I didn't buy in Aoran romance but I have to admit I totally enjoyed the TX and XE moments. I really do like TX's character he is definitely more my type of
  7. @JenL Thanks so much for posting the book ending. Actually I find that to be a happy ending too lol. I also find the episode slow. I also do like that she is slowly getting to know TX. It is nice but I feel that its a bit too late still and the pacing is off. I am glad she was so very into helping QF get his happy ending. @VanellopeVS2020 I love QF too. Way too much. Totally agree about it would have been more interesting for QF to be in the real world vs ChuChu. Also agree at this point if TX does not remember Aoran it wouldn't be as believable a romance since it is very likle
  8. @JenL @VanellopeVS2020 Totally agree about liking TX more than Aoran. I am super happy that XE is trying to get QF is happy ending. I totally wished it was a version of XE too but I'm okay as its not Chuchu as well. Its getting close the end so I'm kind of like just waiting to see how they tie up all the loose ends and I do help the siblings all forgive each other and figure out the uncles behind it all. I love that Simon is in all the BTS but I do think it is because he is so fun that they like to film him. @JenL I am definitely looking forward the show after this.
  9. @JenL Thanks so much for the translations. And yes I love that Simon is in the BTS for this eppy too lol. They just totally love him. Oh did you see the insta story of Vivian's with her and Simon playing? So cute. They just kill me. @Ayame Thanks for posting. Okay so I watched the eppy.
  10. @JenL I see the fact that TX would not tell a stranger something that personal to her. But yes would make him curious to the fact that she knows this. Oh and don't even say that! That would kill me too. She can't find QF to do that. So not fair. Seconds leads just face sadness but have to be the bigger person.... Yes no CC is all I want. As for the assistant to Meng Li I think they would be cute together and yes he is so loyal to her so there must be something there to make him that way.
  11. @songielove Don't worry I am still here. I am still invested in seeing this til the end but just wasn't as interested as before. @Anjali Punia Welcome to seem you back. @Ayame Thanks for posting those. I found it on facebook but its good to see that version. @JenL Thanks for your tranlsations as always. And yes you just get me lol. We are on the same QF page. Yes that pic kills me. I love it yet makes me said cuz its like what could it been but will never been kind of taunt. Yes I was so excited to here he will show up where XE is. So happy. I just love Simon l
  12. @JenL I still wish QF would have clarified even it if was a losing battle. I am also positive it wouldn't have made a difference but still I would think I'd rather know all the facts before making a decision. I am pretty curious about who is FL was though. Also I am the same as you. My interest in the show is dwindling due to lack of QF scenes. I also will still watch and still discuss with all of you but now I am not anticipating each episode so much anymore its actually easier considering there still is like 6 weeks left of the show. I will take whatever you trans
  13. @JenL Thanks as always I enjoy reading your long posts as they usually coincide alot with the way I think too. And yes definitely we will continue to power on always. Yes I saw the live! I really do enjoy watching Simon. He is just really fun. I do love that Simon said that and I think its a good way to think about because it does make him stronger to go through that. @songielove I do know you are are a Marcus fan but I do agree with some of you thoughts too. Yes in the real world you fall in love with people based on what you know about him and then you can get to know them bett
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