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  1. tteokbokki couple becomes hoodie couple. love it def not a coincidence. that photo from him doesn't seem like the type of photo he would usually post. nice of him to want to clue fans in on his love.
  2. she's gotta be a lotta people's ideal type
  3. the campaign that never ends... (not complaining though). she looks beautiful in it all
  4. sad she had to go thru such hardships but glad she has come out stronger for it
  5. lovely can't wait for her next project
  6. it's crazy she's not bigger/more popular/etc than she is
  7. the first dress with the open back is just wooooow
  8. aww miss Woo Do Hee, such a bright and lovable character.. missing her
  9. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope these two are having a great time celebrating in the glow of newfound love
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