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  1. Do you think YJ got her karma for saying she does not want to date a handsome man? Hahhaha... can I say the same thing so that I can get a handsome man too? Kidding ^^. She is on top of the list of actress with most handsome boyfriend/ husband
  2. Guerilla Date With Son Ye Jin. She was so funny here. She also mentioned that she wanted to date a nice guy and she does not care about the look from a guy. The way she chose the male guy is so funny. I had a big laugh watching this video
  3. I stop breathing when I saw the latest photos of YJ and HB. They are super gorgeous and breathtaking. Just made me speechless I think YJ looks the most beautiful with her straight long hair. She just looks so natural and beautiful. Really hoping to see their next drama/ movie or even CLOY season 2 pleaseee
  4. For me, the most obvious one in Baeksang was when she hinted to HB about the camera behind them. It shows how they are so very cautious and really try to hide something. And also when they walked together after the show. These was the very obvious and nobody can deny. So how can anybody said they are imaginary couple?
  5. I totally believe Binjin are still solid. They are so lucky to find each other. Not many people in this world can find their significant other. I am glad they waited this long and not settle too early. Here are some reasons why I think their relationship is still solid: 1. They started as friends during TN shooting. (most solid relationships always started as friends) 2. They have so many similarities in so many ways and it kinda surprised them. And they take time to get to know each other. Eventually they become close friends. 3. Their relationship has gone thru ma
  6. Since some mentions YJ liking spree post Baeksang, I have a theory about it. As we know they decided to keep their relationship and not admitting it to public. Come Baeksang award when they know they won the Male and Female Most Popular Award. They know all eyes will be on them, especially reporters. Knowing from the past, HB always made obvious stares and too much extra attention to YJ. So YJ told HB to keep distance from each other during the award. HB is the type that always straight forward. This order from YJ literally stress him out. He was so stress of making mistakes that made him
  7. Omg YJ was sooooo beautiful during the Japan FM!! I just couldnt believe how she looks younger and younger each day. But what is most attracting about her is her personality. I guess everyone here agree with me. And what funny is that the more Binjin or YJ in this case try to cover their "close relationship" from public, the more they/ she ended up revealing even more. So lets just sit and enjoy our journey together. Hoorrayyy for Binjin!!
  8. Binjin ship is one of the ship with most passengers. And we are so blessed that in this ship that sails so smoothly, we treat each other with love, respect, full support. We are well fed and be merry all the time. This is the best ship ever sail. Lets all be happy and support each other
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