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  1. 34 minutes ago, smartiegal said:

    It's game over for BHS once the taxi driver says DHS's name in front of Cha Ji Won's face... 


    I did not expect we're getting the first scene of episode 1 that quick again in episode 5!


    Looking forward for next week!


    Anyway I wonder if we're getting the OST on Spotify...

    I think  it can't be that easy for revealing true identity of BHS, don't forget about support system of DHS from Baek family. The Mom is the one who seems caring to DHS, She is too concerned to his life and against BHS's marriage. Baek family will help BHS to cover DHS's true identity, except the real BHS wake up from his unconsious.  Maybe the statement of taxy driver who say that BHS is DHS will be considered absurd, since we know the good reputation of Baek's family. 


    Yes, I don't expect if JW will say she will do better to him than before, it means because she found out that his husband be victim of her work as detective, I think she will feel more protective to him and maybe she will decide to quit the investigation of DHS's case for the sake of her family.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Seonhoyaa said:

    The director said it's more of a melodrama than any other genre so you're right. And your signature is so relatable. 

    Yups. It"s really mentioned as melodrama than thriller or mysteri.

    My prediction is CJW is the real main hero in this drama. How she could trust her hubby when she found out about the crimes who is accused to his husband meanwhile he isn't the real serial killer. In first episode, we could watch when she saved her hubby and said that she would love him more than before. It pointed that there is somethin miss in his case.

    10 hours ago, kehrite said:

    I've only watched the first episode (my husband's watching with me and he's a "one episode a night" type... so primitive) but I really enjoyed it. Usually I don't bother with any form of fiction in the crime genre, as it's usually more focused on the crimes than the characters, but I feel like this will explore the characters and their backstories/relationship a lot. LJG was ovary-exploding adorable with the little girl but so chillingly cold at other times, which is a duality I was looking forward to seeing him portray; the way he talked about his wife was unsettling and I'm really curious to see the background on that marriage!

    I thought the background why she had to get married with BHs because she was knocked up by BHS. In first episode, there was conversation between cjw and her fake MIL (Gong Mija/GMJ). Mj mocked cjw that cjw's fam is messed, her mom nagged her dad until him die, she got pregnant to catch her son, and than take benefit her son with the birth of their daughter, and accused cjw wants to take money from the rich in law, Mj asked for cjw to consider their relationship were over too, and then cjw always apologize and ask for mj not inform to BHS about their conversation.

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