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  1. I think it can't be that easy for revealing true identity of BHS, don't forget about support system of DHS from Baek family. The Mom is the one who seems caring to DHS, She is too concerned to his life and against BHS's marriage. Baek family will help BHS to cover DHS's true identity, except the real BHS wake up from his unconsious. Maybe the statement of taxy driver who say that BHS is DHS will be considered absurd, since we know the good reputation of Baek's family. Yes, I don't expect if JW will say she will do better to him than before, it means because she found out that hi
  2. Yups. It"s really mentioned as melodrama than thriller or mysteri. My prediction is CJW is the real main hero in this drama. How she could trust her hubby when she found out about the crimes who is accused to his husband meanwhile he isn't the real serial killer. In first episode, we could watch when she saved her hubby and said that she would love him more than before. It pointed that there is somethin miss in his case. I thought the background why she had to get married with BHs because she was knocked up by BHS. In first episode, there was conversation between cjw and her fake
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