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  1. Hi Baylack, there are three of these now, they are all fascinating and you are so right, they really show the intensity, amount of time, infinite details, and just plain hard work involved in creating the action that we enjoy watching. Makes you stop and think also how dangerous it can be and how few actors do the majority of their own stunts. I always check out taepyoung won's video as soon as he posts them as they are always full of interesting scenes and perspectives.His video vault is quite extensive!
  2. I just ran across this article on the possible visit to Manila by Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Article quotes Luzon Marketing Head for SMART Shing Dimagiba from Aug 3, 2020 interview. Bam. https://www.gmanetwork.com/news/showbiz/showbizabroad/749677/will-son-ye-jin-and-hyun-bin-visit-manila-together-in-the-future/story/
  3. If you ask me, they might both just need a SMART plan for their next visit to the Philippines!
  4. I noticed that ring on the index finger as well and - it could be large enough to fit a certain 'friend's' hand, just saying...
  5. @PreciousByTheBay Thank you so much for your post and your opinion on why BAA seemingly "snubbed" CLOY. I have thought that as well and also felt that taking on the topic of a romance across the demarcation line would be a difficult and sensitive topic to address. I felt the series did a masterful job given the clear difficulty and I felt disappointed in the awards outcome.
  6. RiRiGaGa you are an amazing counter! LOL, I had so much fun reading your post and agree that many of your symptoms occurred for me. My children and grandchildren, with whom I now live, have recently threatened a K-drama intervention program! I then signed up for Korean language class, ha!
  7. Thanks, TotoroSY! This is indeed exciting news and I am going to research when I should hop online as I am on East Coast USA. Check Facebook as well. https://www.facebook.com/SmartCommunications/?__tn__=%2Cd%2CP-R&eid=ARD5g3PLzJSxwN0OqfeHw7DkHx2M2o8K4mkGDbDGPwXENR-swrxLxMKSHn4RWGCLPlhQkm-f4ATBjtGS Thanks, Cherie Cee. Looks like I hopped on board just in time as the ship is about to land in one port tomorrow and another on August 3. Exciting! binjinsmart news pending. Stay safe and well!
  8. Those comparison photos taken at the LA supermarket and posted back in late May are some good sleuthing by lemontree. I am one of the elder shippers, from East Coast USA. Old enough to be grandmother to both HB and SYJ and admittedly addicted to all things HB and SYJ, lol. I am a relative newcomer to Korean drama and so far have found it a wonderful antidote to having to stay inside since early March. Found The Negotiator right after moving and was totally shocked once I read that these two incredible actors filmed the majority of the movie on different sets and only saw one another toward the end of the movie. WOW. Let's hope for smooth sailing and a happy landing!
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