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  1. Thank you! I'm going to slip in once in a while (esp if there are awards update haha) the comments in twitter aren't bad, just really reads like highschool consciousness to me (I'm old so...) I also think the dress isn't a standard Korean ball gown? Maybe that's where the fuzz is coming from? I noticed most Koreans don't have a problem with very short skirts, but when cleavage and shoulder skin are exposed, everybody talks. Kinda funny to my perspective because short skirts are more impractical than off shoulders or tube dresses
  2. Coming back here after a month or two (WOW THE WEBSITE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT) So happy to see the awards shows line up, I've been waiting since the end of IOTNBO cause we all know they're gonna be nominated (and win!) Really love dresses with pockets! I think majority in twitter are young for being conscious of the dress. There was a bit of hassle, but usually happens with off shouldered, long night gown. Maybe some pins and wires inside pinched her in her walk and had to readjust or just generally not used to wearing that type of dress (I have the same "problems" when I w
  3. @firebabe I kept looking for an explanation of the dandelion because they often refer to that in their interviews. I was disappointed that the flower mentioned in the drama was magnolia https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/570831321522937115/ Because I was convinced dandelion had something to do with IOTNBO. I always believed that what they say are scripted and directing towards the content of the drama, but then this insignificant element came up. It's like when they laugh quietly together, and no one seems to understand exactly why lol
  4. Alright shippers, can we finally rest this case? With the level of their comfortability, the timeline, the articles/feedback of Yeji's move to GM and Soo Hyun's decision to invite her is enough proof that they have been friends for a long time. What you think? I also posted a YouTube video of their interview a few threads back where Yeji confirmed they've been friends before filming (and then we never got to see another interview of them together)
  5. Easy voting for international fans. https://metro.style/promos/vote-for-the-most-beautiful-korean-actress Yeji is currently top at 25.2%, Go-Eun following at 24.9%
  6. So I read on Twitter that they are producing bluray? And that it cost a lung? how much does an average bluray cost? I've given up looking at the supposed order link because it's in Hangul, and I'm a beginner student of the language and it RickRoll'D me off that I can't understand a thing lol @banna09 I'm so happy with that CF. She looks so oriental with that dress. I want jacket suit with that sleeve design so bad now. Has anyone played that game? Is it any good?
  7. Which is a great timeline, means I have time to be productive until I fangirl all over again I do wish they agree on a magazine shoot together. It seems like a stretch for Korean entertainment industry, but it just makes a lot of sense in terms of fan service. Plus, imagine that magazine be sold out in probably 3 days before it even gets published. The last episode adlibs are all noticeable, aren't they? It makes them more personal to viewers who have been watching every week. Each character were more authentic, less mechanical compared to the first episodes. I'm think
  8. Unpopular opinion: I prefer to have a new film or drama altogether. IOTNBO is perfect in its own way and would not want to ruin it. American shows tend to stretch popular series until they become tasteless. The only show I kept watching for many seasons was NCIS until Cote de Pablo resigned. I also notice how limiting this is for actors, it aint fun to play one character for so many months or years. If a film or new drama is unlikely, I'd rather have them separate projects than re-open dragging issues of their characters. I miss them just like every fan, but
  9. @bannaba09 we should expect these endorsements, shouldn't we? I mean, they had less than 10 promotions during IOTNBO, other than filming, what's their excuse? lol! CLOY had tight schedule too, but they manage to have Swoon contents (i'm kidding guys. I have a dry judgy humor.) I am getting a bit impatient though. Since Cosmopolitan, it seems the endorsements stopped. It's nice that Chloé launched their campaign, but I was kind of expecting a once a week release of endorsements from different brands
  10. Saw this in IG and thought it's interesting. So I've learned that in K-industry, men should not be placing their hands on a woman's body, unless they are publicly dating. Does that mean most of Soo Hyun's lead females aren't close to him or because they had boyfriends at the time? https://www.instagram.com/p/CEqP9MCJPiQ/ This makes my lowkey shipper heart happy to see HyunJi comfortable holding each other
  11. Sorry for the way I constructed the sentence. I meant DHJ is the sociopath, not Mun Yeong
  12. I think what also solidified this drama is how they ended it in a neat bow. Usually, with characters like them, someone or everyone ends tragically (nothing wrong with that, too). But instead, the writers explicitly suggested the possibility that they, too, deserve a happy ending. And they can start by choosing to have a different narrative of themselves. To me, DHJ is hte typical ending of stories with these type of characters. She was the "old-school" way of thinking. Her relevance to the story is to give an example of someone who, in Mun Yeong's words, is not even curious how i
  13. Me too. Over the weekend I saw some Yeji fan Twitter posts about these haters, but I don't see them. I hope it continues to be less visible. So we are right all along that Yeji really is just protecting herself. Cross fingers her endorsements release more ad posts for international fans.
  14. When OJS kept saying "this is why I'm here" everytime staff gives him the decision board makes me everytime. And since no one posted here yet. Shippers... *edit: wrong twitter link* I am in love with Jo Yong. Anyone know if she has social media account or website? Girl is fire! Imagine the sexiness starting before Gang Tae screams I love you. I don't watch many kdramas, but I feel like this is really international level story made for grownups
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