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  1. Yes, she was referring to a person who was being grilled (interviewed) by the TN MC that morning. YJ even missed the SDA red carpet. Guessed she arrived the last minute.
  2. Cybertron is already informed of the change. She said ok,no worry, since she has been inactive for a while.Cheers to her for it's the only thread she ever created in Soompi. @cybertron
  3. I think only winner attend, 2018, JHI was also nominated for best hallyu actor, but PSJ won. JHI didn't attend. Only YJ and her director.
  4. I’m quite shocked with some comments here, have to check again on the thread whether I’m still reading Binjin thread........ My own hunch, big announcement is coming after Binnie comes back from Jordan!
  5. While waiting another two hours, was wondering when is the finalist announcement of Seoul Awards???
  6. Yejin CF numbers is tying up with Binnie.... Two cows working and collecting money for buying house and strollers for twins.
  7. Yes, seems like no one was interested in before. It was not a very famous brand eh?
  8. Did in the end a guy catch the flowers? If it 's the case, usually, the bride will throw again.... Maybe second time is the charm and our girl got it , but no clip? hahahha de lu lu Monday
  9. we are now coming close to our destination of this ship. We will see everything soon. I am so glad I joined the ship before only lurking here. Just aside from killing down rumors, cf coming tomorrow, I am still waiting for SDA finalist announcement. It should be announced next week? Monday tomorrow? We will be so thrilled imagine tomorrow's events. And I am sorry I did not reply to any comment since I am new account and I have limitation of post I can do each day.
  10. I think it’s from a Korean Tabloid magazine mentioned HB stayed behind waiting for her filming finished during TN filming, I think they did not mean during reshoot period....
  11. Happy CLOY script reading anniversary. Even in here, HB's manner hand was noticed on Seo Dan While with YJ , we always see the magic three buttons. https://ibb.co/zfDXdhn
  12. Nice to meet you all. I lurked this thread for a long time. I decided to join the ship here. Some ppl mentioned me in this thread from my twitter account (same name) Hope for the best and SMART CF coming soon.
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