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  1. The more you feed the monster aka polls, the hungrier the monster, as in more polls! And we will never get out of this wheel - forever running like a hamster to the next poll! Voting based on beauty diminishes the person’s accomplishments and all their hard work and achievements. Maybe time to take a stance and say we no longer want to participate in such polls that diminishes the accomplishments of the people we admire.
  2. I am sure this will be an unpopular opinion but I kinda wished he had said no cakes and/or flowers and to use the money instead for local charities in his name like what his Space fan club did and the Philippines fan club with Project Connected. And yes I know this is the fans’ money and they can do what they like, but things are so much harder for a lot of people, especially children, in this pandemic. Happy birthday HB, and may all the good karma from the good works done in your name return a 1000 fold to you and yours.
  3. Kudos to the Philippines fan club together with Smart for honoring HB on his birthday by helping schools and students in need! This and those Singaporean bunnies are my favorites! I was hoping to see more bunnies with different countries national attire like a kimono bunny, a cheongsam bunny, a sari bunny, etc.!!! https://twitter.com/EdelweissPH_FC/status/1309405133466345479?s=20
  4. Can’t believe how cute these Singaporean bunnies are! With personalized name tags for HB and SYJ! Bravo Edelweiss Singapore fan club!
  5. I don’t want to be a debby downer but I had felt after watching CLOY and getting to know the main leads more and their relationship, that this was an SYJ swan song. Like they know what is coming down the road and wanted to show her other strong acting skills esp comedy, that perhaps she could branch off and work in while having a family. Since I don’t know them personally, take this w a big grain of salt!!
  6. And don’t forget he also said in person in front of audiences, YSJ is the BEST ACTRESS from Daegu!!!
  7. @celest1al I echo @QueenieBee thanks for the esquire translated interview. I had not seen it before and it is one of the better translated articles. Sad to hear how male focused the Korean entertainment industry is and how limiting choices are for actresses. And the fierce competition makes it difficult to make friends. A lonely existence so I am glad she has the 7 Cinderellas. Seems heartbreaking to work so much on your craft and have less work as time goes on as one gets older and had sacrificed having a family/significant other. I hope she finds happiness - actually I hope all these actresses do. And I also hope SYJ can find another outlet other than an actress in the Korean film/drama industry - producer/director.
  8. Good for Kim Jung-nan to call them out on it. The interview was about her, and not to fish for info on HB & SYJ. And that is exactly why BinJin didn’t announce - they didn’t want any romance rumors/announcements to overshadow CLOY and the other casts’ work. I also wish fans would stop postings anything that remotely imply they were not professional during CLOY shooting. How can they not understand that such postings do not help the actors/actresses they are shipping?
  9. Since I am not Korean, maybe someone can explain to me, what seems like excessive amounts of polling. Why? Everyday there seems to be a new poll to vote on.
  10. About SYJ Instagram posts — the number of posts/selfies w HB including one w heart emoji, etc etc - if they are dating other people or even not together esp with SYJ being very protective of her reputation and being scandal free last 20 years —-> all she had to do was to delete all those posts once the rumors came out! Nope, didn’t do that. Instead, let’s have a CF together!
  11. I am also happy SYJ had her comments on her instagram in English also for her international fans!!! Yay!! If she doesn’t know we ship her and HB, she sure does now with the names of the groups that sent them - “binjin” in some shape or form!!
  12. @MY15 just kidding w my unamused reaction!!! I couldn’t help myself!!! This is an anonymous forum and we are all strangers here. Why should anyone be offended by a stranger’s reaction? Who the heck cares? The only person’s opinion of you that should matter is someone you love; not some stranger on the internet! If you are offended, you need to be stronger. Imagine SYJ with all the antis and their hateful public comments. At least here, we don’t know who you are!
  13. Did you guys noticed the bus ad for CLOY is not using an actual scene from CLOY but a BTS scene?
  14. I don’t think such a sentence construction would be correct - you need a pronoun - it,he,she.
  15. Not to burst any bubbles, is SYJ saying “how do I know it’s the one” OR “how do I know he’s the one”? If it Is “it’s”, it refers to a thing, not a person. Which since it is a Smart commercial, would refer to the data plan/phone.
  16. Nothing here to analyze binjin relationship - I think we have said it all in these 1000+ pages. Just a BTS video of SYJ in The Negotiation that made me laughed! She may look delicate but there is an underlying steel underneath! https://www.instagram.com/p/CFMbpE6pE7X/?utm_source=ig_embed
  17. @eLizza did you watch the TN interview? You should as SYJ was in full form and witty!! She was quick and for me, her response was a joke/pulling his leg/witty - he said 90% because he regretted they were on screen and not face to face. See her “acting” - look at her face and body language - when she replied she even loved the monitor interaction. It was a quite a witty response! What I am trying to convey is - she told him to go first, so she see if she could come back with a funny/witty response. same with the later interview where she asked if the score was out of a 1000 when he replied it was 100.
  18. @TotoroSY thanks for summarizing and translating! I would be incredibly sad if these two people decide not to get together due to the various reasons stated. I understand the whys but it is better to love and take a leap of faith than to later, look back at what could have been and regret. My theory on the SYJ liking spree - I imagine too much alcohol was involved, meeting the sitting in the rain co-star at Baeksang, and a dare/impulse to show that she liked HB!
  19. @TotoroSY @PrettyNoona I guess I had just assumed they would be quarantining together! I mean, why can’t she quarantine with him in the apartment/house? His first test was negative so she could join him and wait for the 14 days to be over. Is this not allowed in SK?
  20. Guys, guys, guys - you forget the biggest evidence despite all the denials is the Kakao Live emoticons and HB liking responders who said they made a good couple. They thought they were incognito.... Let’s not rehash old arguments and certainly not photos (hands, etc.) that harm their reputations especially their professionalism. Thank our lucky stars/fate/higher being for CLOY. Whatever happens, CLOY will always remain a masterpiece that introduced international fans to Korean dramas.
  21. Thanks! I thought perhaps he was asking how to get somewhere but surely there must be driving apps like Waze in the US. Won’t his assistant have driven the car to the airport and then meet him at the entrance which I thought they did from the video.
  22. So does anyone know what HB asked the lady at the airport? Looked like he was asking for directions to go somewhere. I presume then he must not be quarantining at home (as he would know the directions) especially since he was driving.
  23. I think if they were to include the advertising money, DVDs, publicity, etc post CLOY for re-airing/streaming of the movie, The Negotiation, I would say they would be more than breakeven. With covid19, they can’t re-show the movie in the cinemas, but can stream the movie with advertisers.
  24. @bin-jin that last tweet - I feel sorry for HB and the fact his flight home was leaked. I hope someone alerted him of the different ships he apparently is involved in as I can imagine all the different ship supporters being at the airport with the journalists also....
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