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  1. I thought they did as didn’t a SMART exec say/reply to a question that They can’t have Capt Ri be lonely? Surprised also SMART didn’t have T-shirts and merchandise saying SMART Captain or SMART SERIously!
  2. Being a lurker since CLOY and became a YSJ & HB fan. Can’t get into other KDramas but have watched Korean movies - Parasite, Handmaiden, Train to Busan, etc. 1. Smart - since not in all countries, I hope this means they can do promotions for other telephone brands/networks 2. HB Smart ad - very unprofessional of Smart to say that HB had problems w the voiceover. Lastly how do we petition Netflix to produce special CLOY episodes like Downton Abbey Xmas episodes? Would love to see YSJ and HB direct.
  3. Quick question - Ye Jin is credited as being having lots of ideas for scenes, etc. Is she branching up to be a director or is this uncommon in South Korea for a female? I can see her being much better than first time directors in some of the movies/dramas she acted in.
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