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  1. Hello! Sorry to bother. I am also a fan of PPC. Read your comments on the forum I find it very interesting and very accurate. I believe PPC is real. But for several months now I have been worried. PPC caption is a bit weird. Or the caption of stylish PMY :” didn’t you say a word.?  as part of it is classified as national security “. Or the staff with PSJ “ he is inactive he is curing “. Makes me wonder if they are still together. PSJ has been active recently and PMY is less. I kept worrying that MY was sad so less posting. I thought positively like you that they live more secluded than before but still confused. I think you follow PPC a lot so getting an accurate comment is not delusional. Can you share your thoughts with me. I kept afraid they were no longer together,everything slowly went into oblivion without anyone knowing. I’m afraid MY hurts because she already hurts once. Those are just bad thoughts,right?  May the good come to them. Sorry for writing long and bothering you. 

    1. SjMy



      regarding the rarity of their posts I think they used to do that before. While for the pmy vlog, this is just my thought, I feel this has something to do with the agency contract. Because I heard that the pmy contract will end soon.  I don't know if she will continue or change agencies. Because I saw that pmy's vlog was also posted on his agency channel.  again this is just my thought.  I still believe they are still together because their posts are still related even though at different times. 


      I hope my analysis can help calm you down

    2. Kimnga Doan

      Kimnga Doan

      Thank you very much for the information you shared. You gave me hope and faith. I only know how to watch IG and PPC forum so I don’t know much. I hope there will be more good news in the near future. Thank you for replying to my messages 

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