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  1. 1- I believe he committed suicide but if anyone killed him it must be BMW directly or not. 2- I don't think CJW has a dark past. She was probably teasing Hyun Su about having some past like in boyfriends or such. It was just an ironic scene where Hyun Su complain about being cheated imo. 3-this Agree, i don't believe BHS playing victim of DMS. He probably was emotionally manipulating his parents to use them. He might be the real psychopath as manipulating people is a common trait of psychopaths. LJG-MCW should win the best couple award both the c
  2. 1) BHS. The dad won't give Hyun Su the money if he was the accomplice and he probably doesn't know it's his son. 2) No, I don't think it's a good idea to open a new track that's unrelated to the main plot. 3) Yes, He should wait for her to get out of jail. It's hard for DHS to find someone who isn't gonna judge her for what she did when she got her life ruined because of her father's crimes. I hope she'll get happiness in the end.
  3. WOW this drama is a masterpiece. I don't know how they managed to make all the episodes equally amazing seriously can't wait for next week's episodes. As for the accomplice i don't think BHS needs to have an ASPD to be the accomplice like some comments suggests here. Also whatever we've seen of the accomplice looked more like him than his father. But yeah his actions so far is confusing and makes him looks like someone who's incapable of murder. I hope they'll have a good explanation for that if he was the accomplice.
  4. haha you should be careful of those Kpop fans they bullied the whole cast in their igs accounts for no reason. Like 90% of their comments section were hate comments back then . I agree this drama was bad decision. He used to be seen as one of the top talented rising stars before it. But he started getting hate comments about his acting after it and lost his chance to be male lead again. But i've to disagree about his looks haha he looked his best in Save Me-Mad Dog. And I don't think he was at his best in Tempted either for various reasons. Sadly lots of people watched some random
  5. Noooooooo they're gonna delay some episodes. The wait was already tortuous enough I agree with y'all i will take emotionless Hyun Su minus all the legal troubles as a husband over regular useless men However i think Hyun Su actually loves her. He's probably gonna realize that when she drop him after arresting the accomplice. Didn't Hyun Su suffer from a heart attack after getting drawn in the pool by the Taxi's driver? Maybe that's why he has heart problems now. Oh i didn't notice that. They should've highlighted this for my RickRoll'D Anyway i think
  6. Lucky Kwon Sang Woo he gets to see Dohwan's body. I'm sure it was a great sight I sometimes wonder why Keyeast is spoiling us Woo Dohwan's fans. He isn't that huge superstar YET. And i don't believe in the existence of a good talent's agency in SK. They don't treat their other talents like that either. I bet Dohwan signed 20 years contract haha. So they're making lots of money out of him and it's a long time investment. Will wait to see if there's any news of contract renewal post discharge.
  7. Those lucky ladies working on his hair. His styles and costumes on My Country were so damn beautiful he was gorgeous that's probably the only thing they did him justice on that drama How much should i bribe Kdrama producers to get him casted in another Saeguk with beautiful styles and character like Seon Ho. I really can't rewatch My Country. I can't take how unfairly mistreated Seon Ho was and how everyone gets away with doing worse things but only him gets his already terrible life screwed more with each episode.
  8. I see that he continues being the best in everything he does. Can't wait for his comeback. I found this floating in twitter scratch my previous google translation of one of the answers. Here's a trans for his interview glad now his interviews gets translated. https://thetalkingcupboard.com/2020/08/17/woo-do-hwan-elle-august-2020-interview/
  9. 1) I don't have idea it's either either a new character Hae So or real BHS (He must be in the show for a reason other than lying down on the bed ). 2) I don't think so. He seemed to be saying the truth to the Taxi's driver when he kidnapped him since he wasn't even trying to manipulate him to save his own life. He told him he didn't know about his father serial murders and how he said the truth to the police in the past regarding JMS murder and we just find out that's the witness was threatened to lie by the real murderer. JMS's murderer said that he killed the village's head cuz he got c
  10. But Why did they give their son's identity to Hyun Su ?! Aren't they hopeful like any normal parents that's their son might wake up one day?
  11. @Ava Jo He's no more the center my man lost his popularity @bri You cropped Taec that's unfair i loved their bromance . He came to support Dohwan's movie TDF that's was sweet so little people came for Dohwan in the premiere Jang Hyuk came too to see fish dohwan. Here's sexy Seon Ho from Dohwan's favorite scene in the show. It was my favorite too we got similar taste . Seon Ho's badassness was wasted in this show coz he had to ruin himself in order to protect Hwi's ungrateful a*ss haha. Waiting for Dohwan to make up for this 1 and a half year later.
  12. This show is so rare in Kdrama. It's already ep6 but the thrill, mystery and intense is still intact and there's no slow episodes. But i didn't expect Ji Won to protects him there might not be any innocent character here except for EH also i don't think Hae Soo is involved in the murders as i believe everything Hyun Soo says at this point. I hope i'm not getting manipulated by him. Did i say i love Moo Jin i look forward to every scene he's in . BTW how did they manage to make the baby call him dad that's some A+ acting haha. I'm liking LJG's new hairstyle next episode excuse my shallowness.
  13. I came across this in Zhang Ruo Yun's AMA in a certain website. Of course it's google translation i hope you all don't mind In the play, Bingyun forbears self-denial and fulfills his mission. Outside the play, Xiao Zhan is modest, hardworking, sensitive and witty. Always move forward, always think. Praying XZ manage to be in The second installment of JOL.
  14. I was searching about him in Chinese web sites etc. There's very little info about him in english sadly and i was shocked with the amount of comments claiming he's not good looking and even worse people were calling him ugly. They must be having really crazy high standard to say that. And here i was underestimating his talent when i started JOL because of his good looks lol. But i was surprised in a good way. At least he's a great actor and there's no denying of that.
  15. WOW he has a thread. But he definitely deserves more attention from ifans. He's such a great actor. He rocked Fan Xian. I would like some recommendation of his best projects. He's my absolute fav currently. Glad he's getting the recognition he deserves. I was too impressed on how he held his own in front of the great veterans on JOL. Does anyone have more info about his new show?! Like more detailed plot. I read ch 1 it's the only translated one but still didn't get the plot. His character seemed to be kind of jerk lol. I hope it'll help me to get through the withdrawals of
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