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  1. Just watched ep 14 and jeez! This episode is really heavy from beginning till the end! I agree, if we see the pattern of this drama, it often gives us another perspective that actually different from what has been delivered before. So im waiting for MY's view on what happened that day till we come to current situation, where DHJ could still exists. I forget there was someone in here saying that we want the answer from the dad who died in ep 1 and now we get the answer. Yet it gives me more questions such as how Head Nurse knew about the patient and the incident in ep 1 if she's been a nurse for a long time in Seongjin, 3 hours from Seoul :| How she could watch MY from afar? :/ Looking at the preview, ST seems to be okay. I really wish this mommy thing end on ep 15, but I doubt it will happen since there will be too weird if they give us 80 minutes of happiness in last ep Hopefully writer gives us satisfying ending since it has already been a good story from beginning. Anyway, I found it funny when KT and MY sit by the door with Director Oh singing as its backsound 
  2. Some lines that came out from MY's mom to Moon's mom: -"I can take care of my children." -"Her mistake, she crossed the line." If HN not MY's mom, she is really such a duplicate of MY's mom, on how she said "She won't be back" and lately on the preview where she wears MY mom's pin and dress. Really wish this mommy thing is solved tonight, so we just wait for reconciliation on 15 and 16 eps, haha
  3. Just finished watch ep 13 and the first thing I want to comment is MY's bang . I want MY with bang but not that kind of curly bang, fufu~ Sorry, just wanna rant about it.. Anyway, I note that Director Oh said "Dont trust anyone in this hospital, including me" could mean that he plays an important role behind this "Mom" mystery. So far, that butterfly thing is only known by ST, KT, MY, Director Oh, and the murderer. So the possibility will be on that circle who draw that butterfly on ST's painting. It's getting clear that the head nurse is MY's mom, they have the same line saying, "She won't be back" refering to Moon's mom and POR. Gosh, we just need to wait to see whose memory is more reliable. Lets wait for tommorow ep~span widgetspan w pan widget
  4. When ST had a flash back, retelling the moment of him witnessing his mom being murdered. The woman said that line to moons' mom. I just watch the subbed one, and it is translated as Romeo and Juliet :/ I suspect POR as the murderer. Dunno if its just her obsession or under someone control. But looking at the butterfly broch, it was on the right part of MY mom's clothes (at the family portrait), while the murderer put it on her left side. So, could it be her trying to resemble DHJ? I'm anticipating to ep 13 since it looks like there will be a big mess again in OK hospital in the preview.
  5. Aaah, Im waiting people to post the scene here as usual, but seems like no one is active right now Watching from someone's IG who posts during the runtime but it doesnt post all scene, just some scenes and I keep refreshing the feed. Aaakk give me the updates~
  6. Is there any credit to her who casts as POR in the ending of episode? I didnt see it and wonder if someone's role is done, there will be credit saying, "Thank you Kwak Dong Yeon, Bae Hae Seon...." If not, seems like POR will appear again later :/ I didn't see any blue envelope and its relation to POR, can someone point out which scene and kinda explain it to me? This whole episode is no joke, I just let it flow and miss some details. The only thing I see is just how ST's character is developing. From him who doesnt want to share his food to JS, to ST who cuts his brother's meat and give him allowance! Gosh, he could change in a night and I believe he'll be the one who is brave enough to face that lady butterfly. Can't wait for tonight episode!
  7. Hi, everyone! I've been lurking on this forum and can't hold it anymore not to join you all in discussing this drama It's thursday already~ Is it only me or anyone here also think that there will be nothing happened after KT comes to the castle? Imagining KT rushes there to see MY and OR are drinking together Also, when I rewatch ep 10, it seems like head nurses who whispers to MY's dad, dunno why but I just see the lips and cheek features belong to the head nurse. I really wish there will be no more separation for MY and KT. We have 6 eps left but we can see the rainbow in their relationship already. Hopefully the mistery of their mom wont be the problem that separate them again but how they can help each other to heal their trauma. Just my two cents, am so happy to read all the insights here
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