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  1. I didn't watch all SJH's interviews, but so far, I didn't recall she has ever mentioned about having kids. We all know SSH loves kids. Did this comes to her mind after "discussed" with SSH. kekeke And on ILA, SJH mentioned about marriage a few times, even asked her friend to marry her. I believe she is really ready to get married. Okay, I am ready for the news!
  2. I watched about 15min of the I live alone (as I need to go out). SJH mentioned why she decided to move out and live alone is because she would like to have a chance to live alone before getting married. And at that time she thought she will be married in 3 to 5 years. Okay, now is the time to get married now. Kekeke....
  3. There's an English translation of this video clip from tteokbokki_couple's IG. The comments from fans are also very to the point. https://www.instagram.com/p/CGrmJUMphQf/?igshid=1ktftx6rwpj5a
  4. @hrkharisAgree, and never saw SSH taken so many photos of his other female leads too. His admiration was obvious!
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