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  1. This morning, at a traffic light: NEVER stare to a girl if you are riding your bicycle. People will sound their horns to you because you are breaking through the traffic light hahahah (that guy actually was looking at me lol poor guy hahaha I just laughed to him ) my friend told me ‘next time use your sunglasses to avoid any guy staring at you at the traffic light because they will get accident and it’s because of you’ hahahaha my bff said “seriously mom tid, this is too early morning. Poor guy.”
  2. Mmm perhaps flower of evil but I need to finished it’s okay to be not okay first.. I am still not get the mood to watch any drama now he he he half false half true False babe. My stomach is still in the recovery so I will stay with this baby’s cereal for 2 weeks more and later will see next person is will continue her sleep
  3. False, @mirmz btw because you mention about it, I just remember it’s been like 3 - 4 months that I have nothing eat watermelon yet. wOw next person is laughing in the middle of a night because of someone hahaha
  4. True of couse hahaha next person was having a funny moment yesterday morning (it was me actually)
  5. Who is SJW? False btw next person is having insomnia
  6. +2 congratulation @mirmz .. welcome to the world for baby Lochlaan
  7. Why do you like that Sejabin so much? Hahaha
  8. I still can not moving on from this drama, so it is difficult for me to continue my other drama now. I think I am too late to watch this. I should have known if it is Lee Jong Suk, it must be a good preference to watch and because I can not move on from this drama, of course I can not move on too from the OST he he he.. 'Only My Heart Knows' , because sometimes some words are better left unsaid @MayanEcho because Celine Dion is my favorite singer and I grown up by singing her songs so I feel like I must to say something about that song hehe. do you know that, 'It's all coming back to me now' is a song that written based on a story about a couple who keep hurting each other when they are still in love to each other strongly. This song is difficult to cover because of Celine's vocal character is pop-rock (rare character) only 1 korean girl singer that I ever listened that having almost same character with Celine Dion. Kim Bo Kyung. And Celine’s range is very wide. I agree that Jeremy Jordan sings it perfectly. I laugh when watching him singing this song hehe how can he able to joke in the middle of singing this haha.. but also I can get the emotion that should be feel in it. This is actually a song with a strong message and not only that, it's required a good vocal technique to be able to sing it live, and I think perhaps because he is a male lead singer in broadway so it is easier for him to acting and singing at the same time. That is why he can delivers the messages of the song perfectly with his amazing voice
  9. Bad day healed because of some soft and wise words from my love
  10. It is minho fans? Hahahaha.. True I guess.. I miss them and how sweet they were to me. One of minoz friend wrote my name on the snow because she knows I live in a tropical country and no snow in here, other gives me her twilight saga collections in english, other edit picts for me, and more hahaha. Love them all. next person is staying strong as a tower hahaha
  11. It is good then.. keep strong always, dear +2 @Alice Wonderland I love your poem, love you
  12. Tomorrow dear. Gossip always happened in time. Holidays = no gossip @Alice Wonderland I just like this username now +2
  13. Thank you for strengthen me through these years. You’ll always in my heart :heart:

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