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  1. MGY deleted and reposted the coffee truck from Oh PD and Jamie PD like twice hahaha so weird... Her first caption was something about "When is season 2" then her new caption just now is a yellow and blue heart...
  2. wowww we're winning today HAHA totally unexpected that he'd send, even more so that she'd post about it translation of the banner message
  3. Ooh that's an interesting guess, there definitely seems to be more backstory for the young secretary. He looks like that kind of subtly ambitious/power-hungry character, especially at the company meeting and the animosity with Secretary Yoon. Yes, I do think it's possible that Ji Min would learn the story next week, right on cue at the halfway mark of the drama. But a part of me also thinks that Ji Min and Eun Soo will get a bit closer first, just so the "betrayal"/reveal is more tense. Maybe by episode 9-10?
  4. @Jayne Nasution Yes, I'm so glad/relieved that the former cellmate is on Eun Soo's side, I feel like she'll be important too later on especially with her husband working at DO Cosmetics. -- I'm looking forward to next week already hahaha Of course the golfer guy's just there to rile up Ji Min based on the preview. Eun Soo, though, is a bit harder to read; there are times where her approach feels really forced, but there are also clear moments of sincerity, but it doesn't seem like she's developing feelings for Ji Min yet (unlike the other way around haha), her priority is stil
  5. I loved Eun Soo and Ji Min's interactions as always. When she talked about it being the first time someone believe in her, ahh I just really felt for her there, and the scene where she genuinely sounded so relieved/happy that Woo Joo liked the drawing. With all the warm moments, though, I couldn't dampen the nagging feeling of "oh no, what will happen when Ji Min finds out", I can just imagine him thinking back to all these moments and wonder what was sincere and what was fake. From all their interactions, though, I feel like the strongest pull will still be Woo Joo—she frequently
  6. The teaser for the cast's commentary on the blu-ray is out on cafe daum! Didn't understand a word, but they were all laughing a lot
  7. Indeed I feel like it was a deliberate choice to style her/make her look that way. The hairstyles definitely resemble each other. Looks a lot more vengeful and agitated
  8. I'm not sure which warmed my heart more—the camping scene, or Eun Soo showing the picture to her father. Whenever Lee Yoori's eyes brim with tears, I just feel for her character. The daughter was excellent as well, especially in that scene where she remembered Se Mi leaving. I agree, Ji Min's mother and sister can be quite annoying. Their characters seem more like the type you'd find in daily dramas... Minor detail: I'm waiting for Ji Min and Eun Soo to ask each other their names. I mean, are they just going to keep meeting without knowing each other's names? If Ji Min
  9. https://www.soompi.com/article/1424989wpp/lie-after-lie-sets-new-record-for-highest-drama-ratings-in-channel-a-history Nice to see it gaining viewership!!
  10. Good point, it is definitely fishy that there wasn't any real attempt to find out what really happened, and instead it was all hush-hush and cover-ups. If it was all an act, it really makes me wonder what motive the chairwoman would have to kill her own son (whom she seems to adore very much) and/or to make Eun Soo's life so miserable to the point that she'd sacrifice her son for it. Something about what we've seen so far doesn't make sense—I can't quite reconcile these "facts" so far—but then I guess this is why it's a makjang and we'll see more clues in the next episodes.
  11. Same, I don't think it was her. I don't really see a reason (at least not yet) why she would plot to specifically frame Eun Soo (aside from, well, being pure evil)—she didn't seem to be opposed to their marriage from the short scenes we saw of the wedding. The way she treats Eun Soo now seems more born out of believing that Eun Soo is the murderer. For some reason, I think it's the driver (assistant? bodyguard?).
  12. Thanks for the welcome! True, it is kinda weird that Ji Min is quite bold with saying those things right in front of her, could easily be targeted. I wonder, when Eun Soo finds out Ji Min's name, will she remember him as the reporter from 10 years ago? and vice versa, I guess she'd have to give a fake name too to get close to him, since I'd think Ji Min would remember her name. Right!! haha I haven't watched makjang in a while really. The last one was I think Money Flower haha (and the boat scene reminds me of that drama)
  13. The first two episodes hooked me already. Just the right amount of makjang. Lee Yoori is such an excellent actress, too. I'm looking forward to seeing how the pacing of the story will go—how early on will she become the "stepmother"?
  14. Editing for for the blu-ray has apparently just finished! according to Oh PD's IG story.
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