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  1. I tried to search the username and luckily I found some tweet about the acct., but it all about blackpink. It seems that this acct is a fake sasaeng, the re-tweet about a photos of bp with exo members that they are couple (lisa-sehun, suho-jisoo,) are photoshop, but if you will not look at it closely it seems a true one. I think they only want attention, followers. It's like those prediction acct. Who wants followers too. Could you please dm me their tweet about Naeun.
  2. Please be aware that the person, @ wppewrpt, who hate tweet Naeun/apink last week is the same OP that lau posted ( @SHIneeworld804). I am sure that Op was here in this forum. I can't lurk with OP account because she blocked me. Please be careful on sharing some videos or hints for now, I am sure, that she will use it for hate tweets.
  3. It makes sense now, why Taemin did said that on bubble. So the main reason was the wax thingy, then Yooa rumor was still on the pann. But some shawols blaming again the shippers and Naeun because of that Taemin's bubble? I saw a post of shawols about the blaming tweet on Shippers-Naeun, but it was already deleted. OP deleted ot because of the replied on his tweet, but the funny thing was that, OP still believe that Taemin become upset because of Taeun shippers-Naeun. I can't with that kind of mindset.
  4. Saw this tweet, so it's not about taeun ship or Naeun. Maybe Taemin addressing the dating rumor about Yooa and the recent one.
  5. I forgot the name of the program, its an interview to Naeun in 2012. I think the video is stil in youtube. I will post the clip here. I forgot the name of the program, its an interview to Naeun in 2012. I think the video is stil in youtube. I will post the clip here.
  6. Naeun since before appreciate art, she loves to draw, it is because her mother is an art gallery director.
  7. This is the correct translation: Q: Can you sing the saddest lyrics in the world? A: It's time for us to say goodbye, see you again. It is in general, not particularly about breakup..
  8. Why Namjoo charted on #12 on melon? Because not only pandas supported her, nevies (g-idle fans) also supported namjoo for her debut. Taemin is really doing great for this latest album compared to his previous one... (sales, chart). His pre-order was already sold out and criminal still climbing up on the chart.
  9. Namjoo and Ha Sungwoon become friends because they both appeared on the same episode of Law of the Jungle, right?
  10. I loved her guesting on that show. Actually Naeun is also a crackhead, she can be dorky if she wants. She's naturally quiet but can get along with the dorkiness of the people around her like what she did on village survival.
  11. I also have one... I rewatched the apink variety and I discovered that they spoiled Taemin's 2kids before sm announced the details about it. I won't mention the show..but I am also surprised when I rewatched it. Edit: shippers will not noticed that spoiler when it was broadcasted because the details of 2kids was not yet revealed, even the title.
  12. Ok. Honestly, I am also thinking that their cafe meet up was only a made up... this is also possible. I don't get it. What about the photo? A hint?
  13. I think she will be feautured on act 2. I remember the ig live of Taemin, he wants to talked about the songs in act 2, but his manager did not allowed him. Then Taemin asked his manager why some people already know the details in act 2. I mean the only topic that was spread is the collab with yooa,but the other two is also possible.
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