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    On 7/29/2021 at 9:35 PM, jadore1 said:

    This morning I read that this week .....  Solar winds have caused a crack in our planet's  magnetic field..Earth's magnetic field is vital to life on our planet, as it protects the ozone layer from cosmic rays and harmful radiation. According to the outlet, space weather forecasters recently estimated that the speed of solar winds reached 400 kilometres per second as they battered the Earth.

    so Yu Tu I am very glad :thumbsup:that you have decided to stay on as aerospace engineer :star:



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  2. Looking forward to this drama and I hope the scriptwriter will do justice to the novel...

    The political and military plots are interesting and exciting, just hope the drama will give us actual military battles on outdoor locations and not in green screen warehouses and heavily CGI!!

    The romance between the main leads are heart wrenching but honest and pure... Even the love story of the male second lead and the female lead is beautiful and honest. Just hope the drama would not change romance plots with unnecessary jealousy hatred! 

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