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  1. 1. Ex-lovers in Paris 2. Reply 2020 3. Go back couple 2 4. When CEO Cha met CEO Yoo
  2. Bin and kyo were spotted in a mall in manila just a few meters away from each other. Both were wearing glasses.
  3. it’s very easy to steal it bec there are no security personnel or store staff near the entrance and the mall is not that crowded. I wouldn’t be surprised if the standee will soon disappear after you ladies read this post.
  4. I went to the mall today and saw bin This is at Bench store in Glorietta Mall in Manila. Saw a couple of fans having their photos taken outside the store’s window display
  5. Promise me you'll wait for me'Cause I'll be saving all my love for youAnd I will be home soonPromise me you'll wait for meI need to know you feel the same way, tooAnd I'll be home, I'll be home soon
  6. Posting this to remind unwanted visitors in this thread that this FRIEND is first and foremost a loyal supporter of kyo. I know you’ve seen the thai mag cover of kyo which he posted on the same day he posted video clip of bin...but you are just turning a blind eye.
  7. so nice to read posts from lurkers who delurk to show their support for binkyo. i too have been a long time lurker here in soompi but decided to delurk to share my sentiments towards the recent series of coincidences surrounding binkyo. the thing is i am not comfortable shipping reel couples. i came from a country where love teams are abundant and i see them only as marketing ploy for dramas, films and product endorsements. as an avid fan of kyo, i do not ship her with her co-stars (not even her ex-h) and i respect her choices in life. like most of you, i am here to investigate if the reconciliation rumors are true. my curiosity is based on binkyo's history and the recent turn of events...real life and not just based on any recent drama or cf. reading posts on this thread has become some sort of diversion from the pandemic. i appreciate that most people here are long time bin and kyo fans, i get to know more about bin & kyo as individuals. and one of the reasons i keep coming back to this thread is bec the discussions here are logical and professional. the denials of both agencies i will respect and take at face value. whether binkyo is real or not, it will not affect my personal life in any way my main concern first and foremost is kyo's happiness. as for bin, as long as long as he doesn't cause any harm to kyo my respect for him will always be there. both are established hallyu stars so i don't think their choices in life partner will change that. shippers come and go but their loyal individual fans will definitely stay. kyo was on top hot search too last year after the divorce announcement... she must really be a masochist to do it the second time
  8. now i see something i didn't see before on the right photo. kudos to the eagle eyes of squirrel armies
  9. being referred to as “that man” is way way better than being called b**d c*****n As a kyonatic, i had reserved opinion abt bin since i didn’t know much abt their history. The only info i could find online is abt the announcement of their break up. Then last yr the divorce announcement happened. I was turned off big time with the way the ex-h filed the divorce. it got to the point i had to compare ex-h with bin and how they handled the breakup. Bin is hands down a gentleman. That’s also when i realized that love and respect between bin and kyo were still there until the very end. The love between them is more genuine compared to the highly celebrated ssc.
  10. I am not 100% convinced with other coincidences in the list...but for me these are the most telling:
  11. yes i did my own checking after that’s why i posted the sc of bin and his assistant at the airport. I already noticed it has the same logo but not exactly the same cap
  12. all the while i thought the man beside kyo is the one who posted this in his igs (binkyo's favorite photog )
  13. Have you seen this cryptic post from YAI? Looks like he was in kyo’s house when this photo was taken. here is the eng trans of the caption: "Here we go again. Just you and me. I'm gonna write it on the sand. I wanna get there with you, again. Because of you, I shine more, I've become a star.” It was taken from the lyrics of this song: 다시 여기 바닷가 (Beach Again aka Summer Sea Again)... My heart is fluttering again After I met you Breathing in this air together with you right now I thought I’d never see you again I thought you were just a memory So I kept you in my closed drawers In the passing time Memories of you and me Keep fading away So I thought it was over Last summer at the sea Just you and me We were drunk with the waves as we sang And dreamed the same dream Now we’re at the sea again And I wanna tell you Because you’re here, I can shine even more I’ve become a star Everyone’s irritated because of the heat But it’s alright because we’re so warm You’ve fallen deeply into me Now I won’t try to save you I’m writing a letter on the sand That can’t be erased even when the waves come That first feeling almost became just a memory But now I wanna feel it again with you In the passing time Memories of you and me Keep fading away So I thought it was over Last summer at the sea Just you and me We were drunk with the waves as we sang And dreamed the same dream Now we’re at the sea again And I wanna tell you Because you’re here, I can shine even more I’ve become a star Across the river of time We’ve met again Let’s cherish this precious love Forever...
  14. i think she was referring to BK who liked that IG post
  15. the tag line actually reminded me of this gay couple i know, the other half is my close friend from college. got to know their story during our mini reunion last december (my friend is secretive when it comes to his lovelife). they met at work and they were each other's first love. it became an on and off relationship as both of them were immature then and they were busy pursuing their careers. until they lost contact and dated other people along the way. after more than a decade they are back together now. when asked when did they realize they still love each other... my friend's partner gave this analogy: you wear different types of shoes when you go outside and travel but at the end of the day, when you go home, you always look for your slippers. he is like my slippers whom i am very comfortable with. being with him is like being home. he is my home. his analogy reminded me of bin's statement before of how comfortable he is with kyo. him being an introvert but he felt comfortable opening up with kyo.
  16. my delulu someone gave this to her last mother’s day. After all she is a mom to ruby and her other furry babies.
  17. Whew thank God soompi is back! I’m supposed to post this before soompi went down. My coworker who is also a die hard fan of bin shares the same sentiment as you. After watching/reading all interviews of bin available online, she came into conclusion that kyo is bin’s greatest love. She told me about this when kyo was still married. She was actually a SSC fan but her view is based on her perspective as hb fan. As i have observed, individual fans tend to be more objective and have realistic perspective than shippers in general (but not all of course) when it comes to the love lives of celebrities. I remember a few months before the divorce announcement, there was a fan war between ssc shippers and kyo individual fans. Bec the individual fans were very confident then in their hunch that ssc are already separated. And their hunch turned out to be right.
  18. kyo is unpretentious and very honest that's why i love her. although she protects her privacy, she is very brave when it comes to love. same with bin. i'd pick them over those k-actors/actresses who avoid dating "scandals". one thing i've learned from all the recent scandals involving k-idols and actors is you cannot judge a person based on their clean public image.
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