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  1. OMG and that description! I wonder what the interview will be about! Can't wait! And Kyo looks so stylish, and Ruby so so so cute... I can't!
  2. Hello @Sleek Jovial Karma, welcome to the thread, hope you will feel at home. I'll treat you like fellow fan, if you don't mind, and answer you from the SHK fan perspective. I always am so grateful for Binnie's fans posts. Mostly because I learn so much about him from all of you. While I watched everything he was in, and I admire his acting skills, I don't think I know enough to call myself a fan, ya know? I know you didn't ask, but I actually really enjoyed CLOY. As a person who worked on TV production, I can admit it's beautifully made, acting was great, and the mus
  3. I took some time off from Soompi, and went back to lurking. I had to cool down, after one of my posts was deleted. I was surprised and perplexed, as it wasn't mentioning anyone outside Binkyo. I didn't attack anyone either. I literally expressed my worry about Bin over stalkerish and obsessive behaviour, about which I was once reading. If somebody was offended by it, then I wonder what does it say about that person? For my mental health I also deleted my twitter, and spend some honeymoon-like time o Instagram, watching stories full of cute dogs, friendships, and gorgeous pe
  4. OMG! I loved her in Korean Odyssey! She's a really good actress, and so pretty too! If true, then good for you Binnie! Immaculate taste indeed! And I'm even more excited for possibility of cooperation for Binnie and Kyo, as friends ofc. I can't even imagine how amazing their chemistry would be, with the amount of trust and history they have together! Now waiting for some official news, confirmations, and maybe, just maybe, some good news for Kyo? I just really want my Queen to be content and happy. And I really want desperate people to STOP harassing
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