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  1. Hooolaaa everyone!! Just done back reading. A bit shocked with ups and down of this ship.. like seriously??? I can only LOL while reading those comments.. But nevertheless.. the bomb that uri couple dropped are more interesting Are they practising lovestagram more openly nowadays???
  2. In my delulu mind, the post is not posted by KGE. But someone who adore her lips so much and we know who it is.. maybe they spending times snuggling together after .... Some activities.. (byeonte mind ) and they starts talking about his obsession with her lips. And she started to browse her phone gallery to show him her plump lips. And that someone cannot stop his itchy hand and post it in her ig for the whole world to see her sexy plump lips that now belongs to him... And KGE felt it's really weird to delete the post because it is posted in wee hour, and if she deleted it, it will be even weirder.. hence she just leave it and starts punishing her bf... Please forgive this ahjumma delulu over the top mind if you felt offended.. i just cant help myself from imagining things after seeing their wee hours ig post lately.. everyone are free to have imagination aren't we?? This fan edit ig post really support my delulu mind.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEf-v8upqnC/?igshid=y3fso6xiydy4
  3. Why with the negative vibes i feel in here?? If it's about uri pyeha latest posting, i dont see anything that will turn our ship down. Why on earth he want to post any sad emotional in his ig if it's really what he felt?? Does he do it before?? Posting his sad emotional picture when he really in down mood for the whole world to see? Naaahhhh... He is a private person after all. Logically, he is such a playful person who really like to tease his friends & someone close to him, what's more if that person is his gf. Of course he always tease her. And that latest post for me only have a teasing vibes, whether it's meant for his friends or his gf. Nothing more. Aren't we as fans supposed to be happy because he share a glimpse of his personal life with us? Then why some of us here are still overthinking about it?? Just let him enjoy his free time with his buddies.. maybe the other half are starting to get bz with the new project and LMH wouldn't want to disturb her so much, hence the frequent outing with the boys. Isn't it a good thing? He knows how to balance his professional, love and social life, that's good for him. BUT we also need to know how to balance our shipping & RL, also reality and fantasy.. buuuuut a little bit of fantasy wouldn't hurt isn't it???
  4. Aahh.. my mistake.. sorry about that. Tq for the correction.. i missed that discussion about no body really knows where she lives. My bad!!
  5. Well.. we never know chingu.. if she stay at his place, she wouldn't be bold to share any evidence in her ig right?? But i agree LMH is a very considerate bf. He will swim across the sea just to make his gf happy.. Yeesss... That's the main reason why he is walking and not driving to and from the gf place. It will leave solid evidence since people recognise his car. Cctvs are everywhere.. and about the wee hour, it is to avoid prying eyes. He is LMH after all.. who doesn't recognize him in sk?? Hahaha.. the sparks on his eyes is telling everything.. and that "cant get enough of you" phrase are throwing me into delululand.. oh my byeontae mind.. And last one to highlight, one thing i notice when i visit sk, korean people love to walk. Walking in 7-10km is nothing to them. Edited my post to avoid any misunderstanding..
  6. I also believed this is what happend behind all his early morning post. He is spending night with that someone and having walk of shame the next morning
  7. I think it's the later one.. i always thought LMH is the clingy type bf.. and KGE is more cool in her relationship.. donno why.. hahaha.. no offense, this is just my humble opinion.. Maybe the situation is.. LMH: Honey, i've nothing on this weekend. Lets spend this friday nite & weekend together again can we? KGE: You said your friends invited you to hangout with them this Friday nite?? LMH: Yeah, but i miss u soooo much.. I'll arrange another meet up with them.. KGE: Nooooooo.. you should go out with them!!! Or else, i'm not allowing you to beheading me next time.. LMH: Okey chagiya.. don't threaten me to not beheading you, i'm gonna beheading you anytime i want!!! I'm the King remember?? KGE: Hahahaha.. just go! Shuuhhhh!!! This is just my ahjumma's delulu mind. Don't get offended. I just wanna have fun and feed on my delulu mind while waiting for the next crumbs. Let's jump into delulu sink hole together with me..
  8. Looks like uri pyeha are not interested in outside world anymore.. so bz with his own world (his phone) with someone else.. oohh my delulu mind.. meaning the last ig post is not some act he put for the sake of post it on ig. It is something real that he has less interest with outside world. Hahaha.. pyeha, u need to go back to the 'parallel' world and just be with that someone.. But one thing i love about him is, he tried to entertain his friends despite his mind are not with them. And their friends are like understand his situation and not bothered with his behaviour. Bet, they like to tease and laugh at him...
  9. Yess.. the translations are funny. There's no 'i'm sorry' in the hangul wording in their captions actually. Ps: i only know limited hangul but can read it. Still need dictionary or google translate to know the meaning..
  10. I don't think he changed his caption. Bcoz the hangul is still the same like b4. Donno why the translation are different.. And no... He doesn't call wdh baby.. the hangul is 'Yeong ah'
  11. Hmmmmmmm.. they only have time for their friends recently?? So where are they when both are MIA in ig for all this while?? Damn this 2.. always throw us to delululand with their updates..
  12. Maybe this what's happened behind LMH's wee hour posting yesterday.. KGE: Jagiya, where are you at?? LMH: At movie theatre with the boys, honey.. KGE: Kojimal!! You at the movie at this hour?? (With jealousy voice tone) LMH: Yeobo ya.. I'm telling you the truth.. (Updating ig immediately) Agree with @HR. his wee hour posting really triggered my delulu mind..
  13. What are you doing at this hour Minho sshi?? Did you missed someone?? And would like that someone know your latest updates??or that someone asking you to post your latest pictures?? Does he always post in ig at wee hour b4 tkem? I'm curious to know..
  14. I loved this.. its just too cute.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDhYJdmoKWy/?igshid=1uk6acy2hhjgx
  15. It's too obvious isn't it?? He always looking at her and always steal a glance at her.. yeahh Minho ssi, the whole world are watching..that behaviour is too obvious..
  16. This is cute the kids also smitten with uri KGE. If kids can like her by just looking at her picture, what's more a guy who works with her for 8 months. Seeing her almost daily, holding hand, hugging and kissing, (even though its only for working purpose)
  17. To answer your questions, i should answer 2nd question first.. Question #2: my answer for this question is they take a break together and LMH invite her to rest in his vehicle bcoz it is more comfortable. And bcoz it is super comfortable, that's why KGE fall asleep fast. Question #1: my answer is LMH sing a lullaby to KGH while they're taking a break and that's the 2nd reason why KGE fall asleep fast. This delulu sink hole are sucking me in deeper and deeper..
  18. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDQZCzuAlOD/?igshid=1qkky6kwlj21u I just noticed that LMH quickly turn his head away when KGE start to caress WDH back.. he really can't hide his jealousy.. well.. they both actually can't hide their jealousy..
  19. I think more than 80% of the behaviour listed here is what LMH did during TKEM bts.. isn't it?? I'm not in delululand right?? We clearly can see it in all the bts right???
  20. Omgg!! I thought the person with the sword who cross from right to left towards the end of the video is kim shin.. And look at those lovebirds.. they're like in their own world..
  21. It's so sad we're unable to watch the deleted scene. I'm sure there's tons of juicy crumbs in there. Hopefully they release the deleted scene pictures at least, if unable to release the cut videos...
  22. 10 more pages guys to make it 1000.. hopefully the king will drop the bomb soon, so that we can celebrate our 1000pgs by this weekend.
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