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  1. I loved this.. its just too cute.. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDhYJdmoKWy/?igshid=1uk6acy2hhjgx
  2. It's too obvious isn't it?? He always looking at her and always steal a glance at her.. yeahh Minho ssi, the whole world are watching..that behaviour is too obvious..
  3. This is cute the kids also smitten with uri KGE. If kids can like her by just looking at her picture, what's more a guy who works with her for 8 months. Seeing her almost daily, holding hand, hugging and kissing, (even though its only for working purpose)
  4. To answer your questions, i should answer 2nd question first.. Question #2: my answer for this question is they take a break together and LMH invite her to rest in his vehicle bcoz it is more comfortable. And bcoz it is super comfortable, that's why KGE fall asleep fast. Question #1: my answer is LMH sing a lullaby to KGH while they're taking a break and that's the 2nd reason why KGE fall asleep fast. This delulu sink hole are sucking me in deeper and deeper..
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDQZCzuAlOD/?igshid=1qkky6kwlj21u I just noticed that LMH quickly turn his head away when KGE start to caress WDH back.. he really can't hide his jealousy.. well.. they both actually can't hide their jealousy..
  6. I think more than 80% of the behaviour listed here is what LMH did during TKEM bts.. isn't it?? I'm not in delululand right?? We clearly can see it in all the bts right???
  7. Omgg!! I thought the person with the sword who cross from right to left towards the end of the video is kim shin.. And look at those lovebirds.. they're like in their own world..
  8. It's so sad we're unable to watch the deleted scene. I'm sure there's tons of juicy crumbs in there. Hopefully they release the deleted scene pictures at least, if unable to release the cut videos...
  9. 10 more pages guys to make it 1000.. hopefully the king will drop the bomb soon, so that we can celebrate our 1000pgs by this weekend.
  10. You finally found your 40 cents You deserve a big cup of bubble tea chingu.. Lets get our bubble tea while waiting for the king to drop the bomb..
  11. Omg chingu!! I love your statement especially the highlighted one. It is so true when u are in love!! Tq to say it out loud.. You speak my mind chingu!! I'm also here bcoz i saw something beautiful dan special between them and it's really hard to ignore. As long as they won't denied or dating anyone else, i'll be loyally accommodate in this ship and waiting for their announcement while jumping on and off a delululand...
  12. Yeah i think it's the same. Only the button on the pocket different colour. And they both also have few same sneakers.. I think they both have same fashion taste.
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