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  1. From the preview, it seems that the nurse will anger KT so much that he'll probably try and strangle her (looks that way from the position he's in the preview) and MY comes and that's what makes him stop. After that, being distracted the crazy nurse will stab him or something. Another week to wait..
  2. Personally i don't think she's her mother. There was just to much blood after her fall to be able to survive that. The only way that could be possible is if MY's dad were to have remembered it wrong (given they said because of his tumor he'll not be able to remember things well). Right now i'm more inclined to believe she's either her sister or just a simple sociopath. Sociopaths are known to fixate on someone and take their identities, to manipulate people towards their goal. If you remember in the end of ep. 11 she was down in the basement looking through MY's mothers stuff so that's were she probably got her dress and butterfly pin. In this last preview we see MY down there looking for the butterfly pin, saying it's one of a kind and not finding it, so the nurse probably took it. My guess is she's just the last person they'll have to deal with in their journey that suffers from mental illness and the one that will test them the most...
  3. Yep, the way he reacted there was mean, but also understandable given what he found out and the emotional roller coaster he went threw in the last few episodes. The positive thing is that, he knows that how he reacted was not ok, and until the next day managed to get over it (there was so much sadness in his eyes at the end there, but also acceptance and resolution, well done KSH) and come to the studio for the family photo, because he knows how important it will be for MY. I feel like the reason he was so angry now is not for himself but more for MY, because he realizes she will definitely not take it well.
  4. Well, almost all the promotion they did was at the beginning of the drama. They hardly had any time to know each other. Plus, they both seem to be pretty shy with new people. They're much more comfortable with each other in the latest BTS..
  5. I think the head nurse is the real villain and she was the one that made OR go to MY and leave that envelope on the table. There's just to many clues pointing towards her at this point and i don't see anyone else appearing that will make sense..
  6. In their last BTS, look how they put their shoes when they were practicing for their lines. PS: Sry, it doesn't work to insert img from the URL so i put the link where it's uploaded. https://ibb.co/wS8P6pG
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