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  1. She's getting hate from fangirls of other actress. They probably feel threatened. Just don't respond to them and they will stew in their own misery..
  2. It's not as bad as it was in the past, at least not for actors. For idols, yeah, it's pretty bad in sk as far as dating goes. But yeah, we shouldn't expect any kind of news from them (if they are an item) as they are both honestly very private individuals who don't like to show themselves that much in the public eye if not for something work related. Unless they somehow get dispatched though...
  3. Exactly and honestly what i'll want to see them more is in a movie, with completely different characters from what they had in the drama. Maybe one of them even playing the villain? I would love to see KSH try playing a twisted villain or an antihero type with questionable morals?
  4. Yeah, i saw that there's some power hungry moderators in there. Not a good look for them and they're only making her look bad as well with their actions..
  5. Well, as i see it, KSH seems to be the kind of actor that likes to challenge himself and try different things, so if a good role is presented to him, that can peak his interest, but the pay can't be to his normal standard, i don't really think he'll pass it up just because of that. He is known in the industry as a very picky actor with his choices in roles though, since a long time ago. I don't think he ever did more than 1 drama a year since his debut.. PS: Sorry if i came off too strong in that reply. No hate though
  6. Why would anyone do that? When you look for work, do you go there with the mindset to be paid less? If you know your value and know how to negotiate, you will always do good work and be well recompensed. That's how he got to be the best payed actor in korea. He doesn't do a lot of dramas, it's true but the ones he does pick he works hard at and always end up being hits. I honestly admire that about him. Sure, he could just be like some actors that i see in the field, who just do generic drama after generic drama, but then what's the point?
  7. From what i saw, before this agency was formed, KSH wanted to make a 1 man agency, but later probably changed his mind and made a regular one so, since he didn't have time to run it, having to focus on acting he did it with people very close to him. His cousin is not the CEO, but someone who helps bring talent in the company. KSH probably has some if not most of the shares in the agency..
  8. Based on the BTS, this part was an ad-lib, because KSH was not supposed to cry here or hug her. Guess it just comes natural to them...
  9. That's her lower lip, but there's definite tongue action when she's laying with her head down and it seems to be initiated by SYJ..
  10. I don't think they will ever release the BTS of their kisses. They just felt to real. I don't know if you all are as thirsty as me, but in the kiss on the table at the end, where SYJ was laying down, i zoomed in and she started smiling so big through the kiss and initiated some real tongue action. Make what you will of it, but i think there's more than acting there between this two...
  11. What i like about KSH as an actor is that he doesn't have that greed (either intentional or not) where he overshadows his counterpart with his acting, like some other stars have. Instead it's the other way around, he just compliments them and gives them room to flourish. Especially in this drama with him and SYJ. They truly worked so well off of each other. Such a unique pairing. I really do hope to see them work together again in the future. Preferably in a movie with a different genre, seeing as they both like to challenge themselves...
  12. That's all good and well, but how about that kiss? When he placed her down on the table and SYJ had that little smirk while kissing, there was definitely some tongue action. To bad they cut it when it got a little more interesting...
  13. That's not a rumor (a rumor is spread by a lot of people), it's just a lie told by a former entertaining reporter (if you can even call him that), that's known by the knetz for making all kind of crazy stuff up that never come true. They were all laughing at him in the live stream when he was making those allegations. I think it's best to stop spreading his tales. I keep seeing this thing from time to time in the comments and it's not good because it just empowers people like him to keep doing it...
  14. Look at the TVING comment section after the ending scene.. https://mobile.twitter.com/itsokaytolove/status/1292095876647682053
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