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  1. I just found this article. Is this real??? They’re planning to make season 2?? http://dramaquarterly.com/talking-shop/
  2. @Mai Stars I’d like to see him in any kind of different role, and he never been in a medical drama before. Pretty sure he’s gonna make it unique and interesting as usual. @elizabeth They judged the drama just because it’s an adaptation from an adult webtoon, while in fact, it is one of the purest drama I’ve ever watch. I think BR was treated so unfairly, some with hidden agenda, but even with all the bashers and controversies in the beginning, it still maintained as the 1st rating in mini-series as it was airing, 1st spot in wavve and iQIYI (up until now). BR is my cup of tea, it’s a slice of life, family oriented drama. Some exaggerated CGI are for comedic purpose, just see it as a life comic. But despite that, the story is so relatable and realistic. Don’t expect a great plot or thrilling plot twist. Just enjoy it as you watch people around you have their own life struggle. This show can make me laugh until my stomach hurts then crying and having this warm feelings in my heart. The problems seem trivial but it makes me reflecting my life LoL JCW was amazing in BR. His comedic acting was brilliant. And the way he, KYJ and other casts expressed their feelings so delicately yet so touching, I can feel warmth in my heart just by remembering it. Not to mention, his chemistry with KYJ is really another level. They set a new standard of chemistry just by bickering. Gosh.... It’s a drama that marks a special place in my heart, not because of a thrilling or great impression, but because of all the feels that I got from it. But if you look for something thrilling or great plot, or some serious matter, I don’t think BR is one for you.
  3. This episode makes me want to hug her... I love EMS attentive approach to his guests, how he seems to understand each others journey and struggle. He did that with SYH too.
  4. I’m pretty sure the news would be loud too I watched fiery priest before so I’m used to it, but it did shock me when I first saw him in his normal hairstyle back then
  5. Hi everyone, So DalShik and GeumBi made a vlog together. They even put an engsub for us I found that their conversation was so touching... It feels like a short movie... https://youtu.be/UiGRE1U4drc Just happy because they found good friendship and companion through BR. I believe that other actors and crews did as well when I saw that JCW’s crews and KYJ’s did hanging out together in an instastory.
  6. Aahhh so true... DH and SB characters and stories are realistic and relatable, so we can easily imagine that they live happily together somewhere near us, together with their friends and families @Tuvi Girl They really have a beautiful purpose. Not chasing for money nor fame but they simply want to make people laugh. Wish more people knowing that too so they can appreciate their efforts and sincerity.
  7. It amazed me how they both closed their eyes and there was no sign but they know exactly when they had to stop before the almost kiss scene How I really hope that in the BTS, there was an NG where they didn’t stop at the right time so their lips touched
  8. I notice that they were so cautious of what they posted or showed. We only have one selca from paengbo post (basically because that was one of the scene in the drama) while we know that they had other selcas from BTS. JCW and KYJ can show affection freely towards other casts or crews on camera but not to each other. Well, it’s so understandable cause they don’t wanna make any speculation or unnecessary shippers outside the drama. I just find it funny cause in that photo, it’s only them who keep their hands off
  9. https://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/13910159/broadcastInfo/mainCard Saw the rerun schedule of BR, it still runs in 5 channels, SBS (and sbs plus), Lifetime, SKY DRAMAcube and ONCE. Wow...
  10. If only Yeon Joo see this first, she would beg him to do “another workout” LOL https://youtu.be/zbtkG2CYiWI But seriously, I used to see him as Dae Hyun, now I see him back as sexy hot JCW, I’m not ready, I’m dead
  11. I think why people demand their kiss scenes so much (I never see a show where the viewers ask and wait patiently for OTP to kiss like in BR) because their chemistry is soooo goooodd... Their interaction is so pleasant to watch makes us demand more and more https://www.instagram.com/p/CDur1TtBbOm/?utm_source=ig_embed https://www.instagram.com/p/CDu3_RfBo-s/?utm_source=ig_embed BR maintained their top position in the wavve drama chart and still in the list of most buzzworthy. Chukaeee
  12. I remember that was ji chang wook and kang ha neul teased sunggyu at press conference cause he was still a newbie at military When I watched the scene at BR I think that was jcw real life experience as a drill sergeant.
  13. So you know how it feels to be a korean audience who can focus on their acting and expressions without need to read the subtitles. BR is the one of a drama that attract viewers because of the acting not because of plot. Most of the times I stay to watch a drama because I was curious about the ending or the plot twist. But in BR, it’s just super fun to see their expression (and their visual oc). That’s why it’s worth to rewatch multiple times. Perhaps other channels consider that as the strength of BR too that’s why they believe that even at re run, people still gonna watch it. They won’t do it if they think people won’t rewatch the show.
  14. oh wow... Empress Ki was a super specta. Especially JCW acting. It’s unbelievable that there’s people who bashed him on that. Some kdrama accounts really try hard to drag BR down no matter what. Don’t know why they do that. Forget haters, there’re more people who enjoy BR as we did. Read the comments on last BTS video on youtube (I use vpn to see it), many people being grateful and thankful for BR cause it brings laughters and warm in their hard time. They also want to watch BR rerun in every channel. I think that’s one of the purpose of the production team. To bring joy and laugh to the viewers, and they have succeed it in. One thought comes across my mind. Both DH and SB have a crazy rich bestfriends beside them, DS and GB, but they never take it for granted nor treat their friends different. DH definitely knows how rich DS father is. Remember when DS said to DH that SB was working in his father’s farm? DH went there right away. They’ve been friends for life anyway. That’s adding more sense why DH hurts so much when YJ didn’t tell him that she is the daughter’s company owner. Like, hell I won’t ask you for anything just because i know that you are that rich/powerful. My bestfriend is way richer than you but I’m the one who gives him food whenever his hungry (well, something like that) It’s interesting that the deeper you think about the people’s behavior and relationship in BR, more things being relatable and meaningful.
  15. and remember how DH’s father were shivering..... I went from crying like a river because of DH conversation with his parents to burst out laughing... soo typically BR LOL
  16. Oh I remember one scene when DH questioned the detective about SB, actually he was doing Suspicious Partner cameo as prosecutor Noh Ji Wook (himself) I laughed so hard on that scene
  17. Maybe some crews were spying on this thread and they were like : okay, so they expect us to do this? Let’s clowned them and do the opposite next time
  18. Found an article on Naver : https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/117/0003395552 "Good ending to calm controversies" It explains BR as a series which has many controversies even before the show started but then as the show continues, they gradually calmed down the controversy and received positive reviews by giving viewers a lesson that “good adults, good families are like this”. It has a good and pure ending without a strong kiss scene between the main characters. So we can see that this truly are their objectives, to make BR keeps innocent. BR would be remembered as a show that getting backlashed and being judged as an adult work while in fact it is the purest and has more valuable life lessons in the Kdrama land. Not bad huh
  19. Agree. Plus their age gap still pointed out by bashers. Plus a lot of controversies against BR. I think they’re being extra careful to avoid any issues. I saw the behind the scene video, how they say their last words to each other, SB to DH and DH to SB, idk I can feel sadness in their eyes. I think they really had a great time while filming and become so close to everyone so it must be hard to say goodbye. Really hope they can work together in another project. If there’s any petition to make it come true, please count me in...
  20. I agree. Probably they want to show them that judgement is ridiculous by serving the most innocent show of the century. I think Knetz are angry to the femi (the group who started the complaints) cause what they did make impact to this beautiful show. BR is somewhat like throwing back all the insults that were given to them... But overall, this one is a really great drama for me. One that has way a lot of meaning than any other dramas. I’m gonna back to this show every time I need a good time... especially rewatching SB and DH scenes.
  21. Woowww finally I watched the last episode. Honestly I love it. They solved everyone’s issue and everyone has their happy ending. Many heart warming scene, especially with DH families. About kissing scene LoL they really tease u huh I don’t know what to feel about that. I think they mad about the controversy (it’s all about the kissing scene) So they won’t give us any.... I will remember BR as a drama that have no JCW kissing scene I’m gonna rewatch this everytime I need a fun good time... Aside of that, someone has to correct the drama genre everywhere so people who haven’t watch this yet wouldn’t have wrong idea. Poor them
  22. I always imagine that they will have make out session in the storage room... remember the scene on eps 2? They were just talking and teasing yet it so natural and I expect more after their love blooms... looking at the bts how they got so excited on this, I don’t think they can handle any hotter scene
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