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  1. Ladies, I just saw one of lmh staff ig update and I think she hangout with ggone staff again.. 2nd girls day out? Edit: I dunno if i can add the screenshot here. I mean is it okay/appropriate? Is it not breaking rules?
  2. I'm just stumble upon tkem press con video and can't stop laughing on the part lmh asked to be called hyung and noona. No matter how many times I watch that video I still lol-ing so hard, I never have that image abt lmh, I always thought he's a cool & not humorous kind of guy. I don't expect this one, this one cracked me up Is it just me? Or is it me going insane? I should slap myself to keep my sanity
  3. Been listening to ggone cover. She's so talented, she can rock whatever roles she played, she has a beautiful voice and she has a healthy mind. I hope she gets to widen her acting spectrum in the future
  4. Seriously, i think our captain should get beheaded bcs of his post lmao I'm starting to ship the alley - kahi now
  5. @jy_cohh @NoonaCaana whoa your post knocked some sense into me, thanks ladies. And i'm sorry if I'm a bit sensitive @markovingian markov, I blame my first day period cramp for this mood swing I have. And just now I realized that come july in the middle of june and august. I really thought that 28 june and 3 august are just 5 days away LOL. Lack of sleep and first day period cramps combo do no good for my thinking skills *sobs* @MinGoLove a very good read indeed, thank you. @Anin Putinilla yasss I'll pray with all RCL here heheh @Cara yes yes that's it, Idk what's happening with my brain these past few days but I seriously thought that 28 june and 3 august are just 5 days away. I know it's stupid, maybe because this effing period cramps or my lack of sleep LOL. @DianaMishka yas, I really hope them to be happy together @yellowduck thank you for the reference @RosesAreRed well, I'm sorry if I bring a gloomy mood in this happy forums. It's just my mood swings playing with my head. Now I read all you guys response and it brings my consciousness back. Promise won't do it again heheh.. I'll be a happy, supportive shipper along with all of you RCL here @seraphinazz ahh gimme one dat bulletproof jacket, will you? @jy_cohh and once again thank you for welcoming me in this paradise like ship, I'm starting to really love this forums. Gosh am I doing the right thing? The @ should work right? Or do I have to quote? Hahah am literally a noob here *sobs*
  6. No, my life isn't much affected but it's just that feeling... You know... Shocked and sad. That's it, that's what I feel because I checked their ig post. I assume this forums is the safe place when I wanna ask or share something. I too believe they're attracted to each other as for their relationship I'm not sure but I continue to wish them ended up and be happy together. I too believe no news is a good news, I really hope and support if they're dating and keeping it low. But a little reassurance won't hurt right? So when I found something bothering me, I'll come here to ask. Then I'm just a lurker here but now I actually join u guys in this forums. Please be nice with me..
  7. Hello, i'm new to this forums and I ship our LMH & ggone. I personally a fan of ggone. I watch her in a muse, CITT, goblin, TIFL, and tkem. At first, I decide to watch tkem when all episodes complete so I shouldn't have to wait for the next episodes but when I saw the bts on ig and I think "whoa they have a great chemistry" and I decide to start watching tkem right away. As time flies I'm starting shipping them because of their interactions at the press con, keywords game, jenga, etc. Once I saw an ig post by a shipper account, about ggone being a first woman posted on lmh's ig (besides of his mother of course). I checked it and turns out it's true (I'm not following lmh ig at that time, so I have to checked it haha) and I'm really happy with that. I pray for their happiness jjinjja. And the day of kge birthday, I don't expect anything. Because I'm more on a "I-will-be-very-happy-if-they're-dating-but-I-will-be-okay-too-if-they're-not" kinda shipper. I keep my expectations low while supporting and pray for them to be together. Turns out on that day, on ggone effing birthday, lmh posted a video with romantic bgm and he ends the day with a post too. I just think that he did it with intentions. Of course he know that's ggone birthday and of course he will do nothing if he wants to tone down the rumour. But this giddy pyeha gave us 2 post on ggone's birthday. But lately, these past few days, I feel down because I read comments somewhere on ig claiming that lmh & x-factor is still in a relationship and dating privately. Of course I checked it, I google it and I checked it in their forums too. I found article that both of their agency deny they're back together. Even mym said that it affects lmh mental & psychology. So I take it at face value. He and his ex is done, it's over. But what shaken me today is, I read a comment on ig that said lmg & his ex is actually together till now and the commenter refer to lmh ig post (28 june 2019) and ex-factor ig post (3 august 2019) both of them looks like at the same place (both of them took a mirror selfie) and I checked it and I think it's the same place indeed *cry*. It shatter my heart seriously.. Can someone look into it? And I wanna ask if there's any lmh recent interview in which stating that he's still single? If there is, please give me the link so I can checked it and maybe put my head & my heart to rest bcs I'll take his answer at face value too *sobbing in the corner*
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