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  1. With regards to SHK's comeback either movie or drama series, we only believe when the news come from a legitimate media, her agency or by herself, if not its all FAKENEWS!
  2. Still did not show? I uploaded again using imgur and it showed up i can see it posted. Btw, kindly see my dm. Thanks.
  3. I have to prepare my heart just in case the tea will be serve Also, note to others heart, just be prepared you gonna have a meltdown and heart attack, take my advise put beside you your medication just in case the tea will be serve.
  4. Why k-media used the edited pics instead use the WW presscon pics
  5. I am excited when the time comesthe sooner the better
  6. Do we need to study anatomy again? (eg. veins and bones?)
  7. Squirrel has connection to someone that all we knew who big PANDA
  8. I add, we are all lived here in a REAL WORLD and people here are not DELUSIONAL.
  9. Please Cutie Mr Kim spill the tea or instead a piece of cake you know were hungry
  10. @Phoenix26 Just repost this, i cant make one in my own HAPPY BIRTHDAY BINNIE!
  11. they met on the set of "Green Lantern" became a couple and they are happily married with 3 kids and a common knowledge that Reynolds was a divorced man.
  12. It was posted in IGs of Kyo's friend who loved to make four leaf clover brooch
  13. Someone posted this in her IG story 3 Things to Keep Private: Your love life. Your income. Your next move.
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