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  1. Can you please explain this to me? How do you know these framed photos were given by them?
  2. yes,he is very good with words.Even in interview,he is very well spoken,and always offers thoughtful and sincere answers.I did read some of his letters in the past was deeply moved.Don't know why but his presence always makes me feel calm and peaceful.
  3. everytime i see the word"friend" i just laugh.Lol.So accepting an international emdorsement because her friend did it.Can we say"romantic partner" instead?
  4. OMG WHAT A DAY!!!!! VAST OFFICIAL REPORT AND YEJIN'S SMART CF TEASER (and all kinds of hints from smart) Haha,this ship is on its way to the final destination
  5. i have rechecked the facts by watching Ferragamo 2018 Fall Winter on Youtube( Link here https://youtu.be/i4zv5jnokmM ) and if you look at 1:21 you will see the bag the model wore that is similar to the one YJ wore to Rampant premiere.And just look closely you will see HB in the far corner lol .What a coincidence
  6. A lot of post here and those i have seen on Instagram seem to imply the notion that being gentle,soft,caring,affectionate and not afraid to show real feeling AS A MAN is a sign of emotional weakness.I'm glad that there is a man like that (HB) exists in this world LOL.Men don't have to act tough and agressive all time lol.It is still far to assume what kind of person he really is in real life,but at least from what i have seen,he is very very respectful to women. Also,i have come across some post that are trying to deliver the message that SYJ is* playing hard to get* while Binnie is *trying so hard to impress her*,and i think it is cringey af lol
  7. just wanna drop in to share some interesting facts Both Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Hyun (members of SYJ's famous Cinderella group) have some projects a few months after their wedding days.For Lee Min Jung,she got married to LBH in 2013 but only gave birth to their first child in 2015. i dont understand why people expect women to give up their career pursuits after marriage .HB and SYJ are workaholics and dedicated to their craft& never stop challenging theirselves in diverse roles and genres.I believe in the future they will get more and more offers & further strengthen their position in the acting industry.
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