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  1. What about this other scenario gals.. indulge me ... This part of the song... “Time is running towards estrangement but it seems you are not coming despite your promise On my way back home, forcing myself to smile, why does the road home seem so unfamiliar and far?” Perhaps Go Eun had promised Minho that she would spend time with him this afternoon (after her photo shoot/ work etc) and he was on his way to pick her but some other work cropped up for her last minute and she had to change her plans with him and we all know he loves to joke around and troll and he posted this song as a way to “tease her for not keeping her promise / date” whilst he drives home alone. How does this scenario sound? Much delulu? In any case, I most certainly don’t think it’s troubled waters and we can imagine all kinds of scenarios but my gut feel says it’s all good on both their ends
  2. @scrawfordYes I agree! .. many of the stars who date in secret say their drive-around dates in the car and it’s a rainy day today in SK (and seems like everywhere else too)... so it’s perfect for a car date with love songs! This song is totally KGE’s type of song tho...it’s a classic song that the older folks in SK will sing along to... btw have you gals heard KGE sing? I can totally imagine her singing this song... it totally suits her pitch and tone. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_bXgRzjfpl/?igshid=17w4sbsblyh6h This is the IU version on YouTube... https://youtu.be/Hc36NA77UKk This part is especially beautiful: (the chorus) “My love, my dear, please stay by my side. You are my one and only, nobody else in the world but you. If you leave me, when the burdens are too much to bear, whose arms will I nestle in when I stagger?” And some shippers start saying oh noes, they are breaking up, Go Eun rejected him etc but do you think (logically) that Minho would even be posting a song (or showing his feelings) if that really is the case?
  3. @goldenashes97 I know & understand that we don’t like to mention the x-factor here, but you really took the words out of my mouth for this one. Thank you! I feel exactly the same way as you do that Go Eun and Suz have many similarities... in addition to those you mentioned, they both belong to the ‘cute type’ and both have bubbly personalities that light up the room. Ji Eun Tak in Goblin reminds me very much of Hye-mi (Suz’s character) in Dream High. A past interview quoted Minho as preferring girls who are cute.... there you go... The two cute ladies (past & present) of Minho. Though these days (from her YouTube & IG) I feel that Suz is evolving more into a ‘glamorous type’ rather than ‘cute’ as she grows older.
  4. @carriekllo Yes, I agree it’s a personal pic too especially if it didn’t appear in the essay book / ost album thing... it might still be for promotion of the drama then but have a special meaning for the couple. 8 May (the date this sunset pic was posted) was also the first time KGE posted a pic/ looping gif of just two of them together too. Might also have been for promotion but I truly believe that the both of them have moved beyond that right now. With regards to the agencies denying their relationship, it can be either of 2 things in my opinion... 1) they still want people to love TKEM and their chemistry and nothing sells a drama better than super ML/FL chemistry so they can keep quiet for now.. and maybe the next 3-6 mths since both of them are single (even if it’s not true) 2) it’s really true that they are a couple but no confirmation so as to let them date more privately...I believe it’s the latter tho
  5. Here's our much-needed dose of sugar overload today And watch KGE's reaction to when the MC says that Lee Gon is Lee Min Ho.... she's looks like a shy but proud gf... wants to smile but dares not smile. I've watched this clip before but never really noticed her priceless expression Normally when the MC interviews one star, the rest look really bored but not in this case (proud gf vibes hehe)
  6. https://twitter.com/iloveggone/status/1280669195999432705?s=20 Did you guys see this? When it is fate, there are no coincidences. From all those cryptic (coincidental) IG posts to their chinese names... KGE's first 2 characters in her chinese name (jin and gao) is actually the last character in LMH's chinese name.... like omgzzz
  7. @kdfan_incad ooo Thanks for your insight... didn't know Minho worked with Jung Sung Hwa... that's an added reason for him to attend the premiere (or one more possible person to invite him in case our gal gets nervous and doesn't dare to HAHA)... they normally interview the big stars who attend the premiere and Minho can use JSH as an "added excuse".... Interviewer: "Who are you attending this Hero premiere to support?" LMH: "My sunbaenim Jung Sung Hwa whom I acted with in Personal Taste as well as my co-star Kim Go Eun from The King: Eternal Monarch" I believe there will be a movie premiere - the recent "Alive" movie (by YAI & PSH) did - maybe 2 weeks ago? SHK actually attended the premiere to show her support for her good friend YAI. So if Hero will be out in September/October, there will most likely be a premiere for promotional purposes.
  8. Sooo... what does everyone hope to see next from our lovely couple? I'm curious. 1) Nothing... leave them to love privately? 2) Silver Day cryptic IG post from our Capt Lee on 14 July? 3) KGE inviting the TKEM gang to the Hero premiere & LMH actually turning up? 4) None of the above... (are you in the wrong forum, madam?) 5) All of the above! For me, I would really really love *praying hard* if KGE will be brave (yes I feel she needs courage for this) and invite LMH to her Hero movie premiere and him actually attending.... I will be over the moon!! Just like she-who-shall-not-be-named-here who attended the Gangnam Blues movie premiere during the days when they were together... was sweet to watch then Here are some of those in the past that he attended: 1) https://youtu.be/qmp4_z_NW8o 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IDmSl0Vwv0 I'm waiting eagerly for them to start active promotions for the Hero movie. It doesn't seem like LMH attends many movie premieres and it would be a treat to see him at one, especially if it's to show his support (and ) for his Go-eunshii!
  9. @AquariusMY It might be legit but from the way I look at it, someone else (maybe her agency?) is managing it for her. The posts don't follow the timeline of her IG posts. Like her "hand to eye" post against an antique door with the first famed black <3 comment that we noticed was posted on 9 June on IG but on Facebook it was posted on 27 June. Plus the Facebook posts use quite a bit of (simple) English, whilst the IG posts are mainly in Korean. Facebook & Twitter aren't very popular in S.Korea, probably maintained only for the International fanbase. Is this latest photo on Facebook a recent one or an old pic?
  10. Sorry to cut your post short Di, but yea I have that same feeling that JHI (shyly) admires KGE - anyone watched the Happy Together episode where they did the interview for Tune in For Love? But JHI is quite the introvert and seems to keep his feelings to himself so he might not have expressed himself to her. He looks like the type that won't say anything until he is 200% sure (of his own feelings and hers) whilst Manager/Captain Lee is the "Let's go! Let's not even waste a second when it comes to someone I love" type. I can't speak for KGE for sure (and she is an independent & capable girl) but somehow I feel she might prefer someone who takes the lead - remember how she automatically looked to LMH during the Jenga game when she had to introduce a new word and he (also very) automatically answered "Jamanchu" for her when she did that. She could have looked at WDH or Eonnie JEC for help, but her reflex was to look at LMH. Another time that I felt strong boyfriend vibes was the Jeong Taera BTS episode where everyone was gushing that he was taking a photo / video of her. It wasn't the photo or video that convinced me then... it was the authoritative way "he gave instructions to her staff to try harder with their acting, to be more enthusiastic". Doubters might say, he can do that as a sunbaenim or close colleague but really, who would bother? If they weren't very close, she might misconstrue it as "why are you giving my staff instructions?" Would WDH do that? I am quite sure not. Again, it's LMH's way to show care for the people that matter to him. He takes charge, and tries to help her get her staff to get the scene right. So very boyfriend-like
  11. Greetings babes (and I saw one gentleman around too right?)...virtual wave o/ I found this forum when I started watching TKEM BTS & googled "Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun" after getting more interested in the drama around episodes 7-8 and have been lurking here ever since. I like LMH and KGE both... I've watched most of their works including Goblin, CITT, The Heirs, LOTBS, Gangnam Blues, Tune in For Love, Canola... and to me, LMH is the most good-looking Kdrama actor out there & KGE is the cutest, most natural & talented (disclaimer: my opinion only). Even though I watch a lot of kdramas (watching It's okay not to be okay right now) the only other couple I've ever shipped is Song Joong Ki with Song Hye Kyo. Why? Cos I saw something there in their BTS that even the super professional actress that SHK is, couldn't hide. LMH & KGE totally give me the same vibes I got from SJK & SHK (even though right now, they are divorced, but I (and the shippers then) were right that they had something going on that lead to marriage. Of cos right now we all say that after LMH's super early-morning post and his before-midnight post on 2 July, we are all certain that it's a love proclamation from him to her. And I think we are right. Let's try to look at things from his POV. Let's say LMH either is wooing her or in the early stages of dating her. I oversee social media platforms as part of my marketing/media job... and there are tools (like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Tailwind) for managing social media. I believe because SNS (Instagram) is popular in Korea, that's the social media platform he actively manages on his own. The rest (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo) can be programmed for posts on the main social media to flow through & I am sure he has staff for those (that's why they are posted at a later time, slightly different posts sometimes). LMH knows that he's a Hallyu star with 65 million followers all across all social media platforms and from the consideration that he often shows his fans, he also knows that it is his fans that make him into the success that he is today. Therefore, these subtle-yet-not-subtle posts of his, I feel, are his way of introducing his fans to the fact that "one day their oppa will love someone & get married". Song-Song did that too... with Hye-Kyo posting random pics of herself with Joong-Ki (in USA, after her fan-meet), getting her fans used to them being together. The fact that LMH posted twice on 2 July also pointed us in the direction of who his attention lies with right now. Why? Some doubters might say, nah, its coincidental, he doesn't know her birthday. We all know LMH knows... remember he said in the Swoon interview, he never lost anything since he became an adult... he's smart & has a good memory... and in their TKEM group chat everyone would have wished KGE happy birthday, he couldn't have not known. And I feel that he wouldn't ever do such an inconsiderate thing as to steal her thunder on her birthday, cause an "misunderstanding" such that fans are posting HBD on his SNS rather than hers. Like we all analyzed, he doesn't need to and if their relationship isn't true, imagine.... as a female artiste in a still-very-traditional Korean society, her "reputation" would be more harmed than his (and he wouldn't do that to his beloved TKEM mates whom he has become close to). And his second post, even after everyone and their grandma wished KGE HBD on his instagram, he continues to post close to midnight pictures of "what now people commonly refer to as their date night". On KGE's silence - if they are truly together, it is better she keeps silent (and acts as professionally as she is doing so right now from a marketing / PR perspective). Because whatever that she does, will always be scrutinized (and criticized by haters) so by doing nothing, it is really the best thing for them right now. It doesn't mean she doesn't like him or isn't appreciative of what he does though. We all know from past reports, she is the sweetest, buying gifts for her co-stars etc. So yes, I truly believe..... our stars are aligned, there is no smoke without fire... with fate, there are no coincidences. With regards to all that KGE or LMH bashing of the recent days, I urge all of us to ignore them. Do you know why the haters/doubters are starting all the ruckus right now? It's because they are getting desperate.... clutching at straws... more evidence than ever points to what we believe and feel. So it's like kids throwing tantrums, flinging mud at anyone and anything they can find. And what we should do is /ignore and /continue to support our main ship & sub-ships (LMH x WDH ) Very nice to meet all of you and read everything that everyone has been writing and as a last note, for those who had not had a chance to watch Woo Do Hwan's drama (with Seo Ye Ji & Tacyeon) Save Me and his movie with Park Seo Jun, Divine Fury - do go watch it when you need a break from re-watching TKEM. They are great!
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