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  1. Yes, that was so sweet. When SJH complaining: oppaaa, then he smiles right away, like he cant hold his feeling anymore. Well, thats my delulu mind.
  2. In the latest episode (512) im glad seing KJK started to smiling, teasing and get a little close toward SJH. Hey, they are back That was relief, i mean, they dont have to be a lovey dovey couple if its uncomfortable for them, it's enogh for me just to see them relax when they are in the same room/on screen, not avoiding each other.
  3. Oh my gosh, thank you for replying me. Yes, me too, i'm more SJH fans and i agree with you, i hope she will find a true love.... If its not sparta, then someone who will always cherish and love her.
  4. Hello, i'm new here and have so much love for this couple. So sad when watching episode 509 where they seems seriously draw a line between each other. It made me sad even more when i watched KJK did something that a bit like a habit he used to do to SJH toward Somin. I dont hate Somin, i started to get okay with her, but then seeing that moment of her and KJK make me sad. Please someone comforting me, hehe. Sorry for my bad english.
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