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  1. I'm gonna call it a night! Spent a little over 30 mins to back read 6 pages with squinting eyes Eyeballs felt like they grew and will pop out of my sockets Soompi jebalyoooo do something about this background. Tomorrow, I shall return to back read page 884
  2. Tried to watch that part only but why do I keep hearing these: 고칠에 gochile... to fix (maybe referring to fix their act... this is my innocent mind) ........ and ....... 거칠에 geochile.. roughly (while this is my naughty mind ahahaha) LMH please speak each syllable louder next time!!!!
  3. I didnt inform him but he knows i love LMH Thats why i was absent 2 days straight here coz he noticed i was always smiling while reading my phone from 12 MIDNIGHT onwards for 2 midnights straight (since i joined). Still backreading and yet to watch the bts vids Now im curious with the DONT BE SCARED part
  4. But international fans are making/weaving pieces of information from Instagram about their female and male artists and creating "rumors/false information" why do that to the actors? Where is this from? Tried my best to translate. Chinggu @jy_cohh if some info is wrong, pls correct
  5. Im back shipmates! Gone for over 2 days and im 29 pages behind! Btw, i translated Dancing Universe by myself coz i wanna feel the lyrics.. then i had to ask husband some parts, he then asked me: DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND?? ahahaha i was laughind hard but i rest my case with LMH & KGE Now back to reading the 29 pages Is this alrwady translated?
  6. You had me there!!! Hahaha Was excited to click the link and was like staring at the pic.. where is LMH in the pic??? Hahaha my delulu level will skyrocket in this rate Edit: LMH is indeed in the pic hahaha didnt noticed if @koreaboooo didnt point it out hahaha
  7. @AgentQuake do you have psychic abilities? Hehe you seemed to predict the the sequence of events happening in our ship
  8. Sorry to cut your post chingu-ya... but.. I can not with that hahahaha I fervently wish we wont get tired with this ship hehhehe
  9. My version... His "Last Fall"... his last relationship before marriage! but if they are really in a relationship, wouldn't this autumn post of him be romantic? Oh my
  10. 1 korean word has a lot of meaning, depends on the usage. If its too much, i do auto translate in the webpage hahaha if not satisfied, i do google translate. If still not satisfied, i use my last option. Ask the husband. Then if it is related to ANY SK actors esp LMH and SJK, he will look at me up down silently questioning my feelings for him hahaha but still helps me still
  11. I was just here lurking in this thread before i totally lost it! Hahaha Husband already knows LMH is my first love hahaha already told him of my intentions when going to Seoul. Does anybody have an invisible cloak, i will tail LMH and KGE as to their whereabouts.. from afar though to keep their privacy hehehe
  12. That page is something i will never forget. Even if i close my eyes, i can still still see the movements. Was sooo curious and when i set my eyes on the content, BANG! I was shocked, in a good way hahaha
  13. No, im not residing in SK though im there every year on multiple visa. Yes I can 100% read and write korean but to speak and to understand everything, maybe around 50% If not for the pandemic, im already along Han River.. spying hahahah
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