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  1. I really hope so too . I'll wait for another 2 days before I go max mode and enjoy the whole cake. I'm guarding my heart. But the fact that they posted on the same day and were in the same area is already worth spazzing. I think it's too much of a coincidence. @HR. More than the touches, what I really like in that gif is the way lmh looked at kge. It's so soft. I can watch that on loop for an entire hour.
  2. Yup i can see it, totally seeing it.. A gal in white longsleeve blouse and black pants. Now @ christiboy And this is me lurking cdb's ig
  3. I saw someone pointing out the way the first pic was shot. It looks like someone a lot shorter than lmh took the photo. So I guess we'll be measuring angles now.
  4. Okay at first I thought, there's no way they'll roam around together in a mall like that. They'll easily get caught/photographed ala binjin. But he really looks like he's looking at someone he adores or loves here. He looks so happy. And seems the mall is empty anyway. Now if this another boys day out, can christyboy drop his post now before I reach my peak
  5. IOTNBO are getting dvd. So there's really no chance for us to have them precious extended cuts and bts??? Are they really hiding something? Why they do this to us?? Seeing kge in cap makes me remember the shadow in lmh's post last july2. Some thought the shadow looks like of a man's but it could really be her if she tucked her hair inside the cap like that.
  6. So no one's gonna answer @Prerna's question? If no one's answering, I'll sit beside @HR., @Joje, @Itsmylifeboss and the rest in delulu zone today. I was actually in gutter zone lately reading miss @kaahaani's tkem fanfic A Series of Wicked Events: The King & Queen. I am finish reading though so I'll be joining you guys in the upper deck not just sure if in sane or in delulu deck.
  7. Lol they are so mad. Were they specifically pointing to the shippers in this thread or all the mineun shippers?
  8. Lol how can you forget the superior ship that is MinSwift. Sadly it was sank by MYM before it can start to sail.
  9. Was also planning to watch this but was waiting for some review. Sodam really looks like kge's long lost sister so I hope I won't get distracted though lol.
  10. @MsMagic i'm glad we have the same observations. I think the rumors circulating these past days has been silently bothering some of the shippers. So some just need to vent out their frustrations and thought this is the safest place to do that. I still think this is the safest place for us but we just have to be careful and avoid unnecessary comments as this still a public forum. Let's make silly theories but make sure its harmless and not degrading anyone. My last question regarding the source of the rumors could have also sparked unnecessary discussions but thankfully @redrose sent her response via private message. And kudos to @AgentQuake for those words. You are not just full of witt but also of wisdom. Really glad you are in this ship . With all these new information I still have not found reason to jump ship so I'm still stuck in this pit with you guys. So now let's enjoy this newly uploaded fan edit of lg and jte I found on twitter and relive tkem.
  11. Oh I see we have new details to this rumor. Welcome to the thread @tobr. For me to waver, I will need something that tops july2. That's why I immediately looked for bordered posts on miss k's feed the other day. If she had those borders, it will somehow taint july2 for me. But july2 remains rock solid as of today lol. So with these new points from tobr, I'm here again thinking this could be the time for my sweet exit. And since I still have time before work and real life take me, I checked those my self and here are my findings: June 16 photo: I'm not convinced that she's the girl in the photo. I might sound bias. but the girl looked even more like kge. From the bucket hat to tiny wrists and ankles. Lol. The overall build also does not match her. 2 private accounts: Also not convinced that one of those accounts is lmh's. Wdh is not following either of the accounts (ohmygod I miss wdh), so I can't find strong evidence that one of those is lmh's. Aug 9 photo: I don't think the background is the same as the cinema's. The cinema has those floor to ceiling border trims/molding while her background only had those at the bottom part of the wall. Also as mentioned by @Katherine mae Neri, she had the same outfit on the post after aug 9 and it seems she's at a restaurant. So to sum up, I'm still in the hole and I miss woo do hwan! Btw, I'm curious where did this rumor started? Did it started from kfans or international fans?
  12. These haters really don't have anything to do. World has been shitty and they just decide to do this. Some IG accounts which are obviously newly created, with 0 followers pretending to be kge stans are posting comments on miss korea's ig. Twitter stans are asking help to report these accounts. Kge don't deserve this. Let's help guys and don't engage as engagement decreases the chance for these accounts to be removed. One account has been removed already. https://instagram.com/ggonequeen?igshid=xq96am6flmqf https://instagram.com/protectkimgoeun?igshid=rupsg23z66bo
  13. Same reason I halt on watching kdramas. I'm on k-variety shows and western series for now. Can't seem to focus and keep on making mental comparison. Lmh and kge keeps creeping on my mind that I would suddenly think what if they do this kind of drama, what if they do this scene, what if we have tkem season 2 and many more what ifs Lol. So when the bomb was dropped yesterday I was initally mentally preparing and thought maybe It's time now, I finally have the reason to move on from tkem saga. But we found nothing. So I still can't go back to my life 4 months ago when I could just jump from one show to another and don't get excited when I get IG post notification.
  14. I think the goal was to shake the ship hoping we stop with our delusional theories lol. So to our fellow shippers who are bothering these innocent people, I hope you stop now. Let's just keep the discussions here. This might be one of their goals, to prove that shippers are nuisance that keeps on crossing the line.
  15. Lol it's been long time since we had these visitors. For me I think if lmh/kge are really bothered with fans making theories and linking posts, they can always issue denial to stop those or to at least minimize the noise. When smart lee min ho oppa posted dancing universe, his post was flooded with kge bday greetings and if smart lee min ho oppa was bothered by that, I think the smartest move is to not post series of photos just before the day ends and to make sure to not include a bordered pic! But he did those and it fed the shippers. So I take that as a hint that he's not bothered at all. With this level of possessiveness, one can think lmh is some kind of kpop idol in his teens or 20's. He's on his way to 40s, it cannot be always about fans. For the bomb dropper, I think if you REALLY are a lurker you'll know how people here will react with your post. The lack of evidence is very apparent in contrast to how you conclude your statement. With you feeling misled and wanting to hug kge, I thought we will really get a solid evidence wrecking this ship. Before tkem ended, I really thought by this time we will get a confirmation or denial. That's how it usually happens with other ships. So I think this will really be a long ride specially if we are en route to the altar.
  16. LOL. I checked her IG and the first thing I did was I scanned her feed and looked for a bordered photo. But not a single post has a border. So nope, I don't think I can go back to my regular life for now.
  17. I like your theory. Lol. Someone on twitter pointed the clock behind christyboy and now we are back with this zooming business. I really can't tell the time i think it's between 9-11 o'clock. And lmh posted 1am kst today. So we have another puzzle to solve.
  18. LOOLLLLLL it was not safe then. Christyboy posted pics in the same location. So now we'll have to wait at least 24 hours before we make conclusions. Till next post then. Byeeee
  19. No one from the guy friends updated their ig right??? Is it safe to conclude they were together? And kge took those photos? Also dropping this recent mindbridge interview where kge said she likes taking a walk around the block. And who's been posting some late night/early morning walk pics lately?
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