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  1. I am loving the vibes in My Love By My Side. I can feel so strongly the longing desire and never wanting to leave each other’s side. The rainy weather just makes it even more surreal. I have a strong feeling that LMH will post something midnight again... celebrating/dating on Silver Day. But I will be sleeping in tonight. Sorry babes. P.s: I can totally imagine Ggone singing this song. Her voice suits this cover too. Have a feeling he may have heard her singing this song before.
  2. If I’m not mistaken.... KGE was leaning her head back a little cautious (maybe afraid of hitting her head on the bed frame/wall) n LMH tells her not to be scared to assure her that she won’t hit the bed frame/wall. But I prefer “My vacuum is being charged and I am going to suck you up later” WAYYYYY more.
  3. I suspect it’s too sizzling hot for us to handle. I kept checking their YT channel everyday for updates. But NoOoOo......
  4. Team Chanel >>> Dior Though I like them both Too exp to afford any of them.... need to survive on ramyeon to save $$$
  5. Hi all. I’ve decided to unlurk also after the Captain’s IG posts yesterday. Couldn’t help it. I screamed when I saw the posts and I am so restless since then. I’ve only watched a handful of Kdrama (I’m more into Hollywood’s drama and movies) and have never shipped anyone before. Watched LOTBS last year and was hooked to the handsome captain. Then watched TKEM and was amazed with KGE’s acting. Only became a shipper after I watched the press con, games and bts. Love their chemistry. Watching them made me giddy too. Chanced upon this forum when I was googling the cafe that the Captain went for his daisy flower/Jeju post and have been lurking since. I love that KGE gives off elegance, simplicity, funny, honest/unpretentious and fun vibes. That’s what makes her so beautiful. She is irresistible. No wonder LMH is hooked from as early as ep 2 bts. I love the fact that KGE’s makeup and wardrobe is simple and not sexy when LMH fell in love with her on the set. It was a pleasant surprise that he has grown to be more mature and looking for real love; not attraction from a superficial POV (I read that he was pursuing x-factor endlessly eventhough they haven’t met before). I want to add that as a small eyed and mono lid girl... I’m very happy and proud of KGE. I also think LMH is still courting her at this stage and KGE has not answered YES officially to the Captain but agrees to date him. So damn proud of him going all out for her eventhough it’s done in a cryptic way. I want to add that I enjoyed the conversations here. It’s hilarious and very engaging. Keep it up!
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