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  1. checking of YouTube was done carefully with great attention to HB video. The "one" who did that was very thorough in her search
  2. OMG white background is back!!!!!! It's sooo pleasing to the eyes.. I really missed this white screen!!
  3. what HB wearing is probably a leg compression leggings/stocking to prevent formation of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), due to long hours of flight. (might be from a doctor's advice?? )
  4. Tried to say the exact words watching the two but can't find the right words. It's so overwhelming despite the fact that we have seen them kissed several times. The background music was so perfect! Thanks to our shipper's eagle eyes I do agree it was BinJin and not RiRi kissing. Goodness! Love them so much!
  5. STAY STRONG!!! the privation that we have to endure, the long nights we have devoted to keep this ship sailing..One day we will be able to look back and say.... WE MADE IT!!!!!!!
  6. @RiRiGaGa you never fail to amaze Binjin nation with your beautiful creation. Something that makes us love this shipping even more than before. We can never get enough of this 2 beautiful people no matter how much time we spend being a shipper and following their story. I feel so honored to be in this group of lovely, talented people. @Felizak@tI feel sad too about what we are having right now but as you have said this is just temporary and I believe you. So, go BINJIN Nation let's all sing together.. Dont Stop Believing, Hold on to that feeling!!!!
  7. thank you so much, I really appreciate the effort.. That is dedicated to our YeJin, looking for that destined love finally when HB came into her life, now the waiting is over
  8. maybe we can finally bond by that time if it happened.. I remember a song when i read what @ElectricHearts said "She's been saying she is looking for destined love for soo long and it finally happened " since I still dont know how to attach file in here.. The song is How Long You've Been Waiting by Love Revolution...
  9. I was literally screaming when i saw this and my 79 yrs old Mom rushed into the room, said she really got worried something bad happened to me. I showed her the picture, hugged me and said "it's true isn't it"? ( my poor, hopeless romantic Mom at 79 who's love other than me is HYUN BIN and SON YE JIN).. I am pretty sure 99% of Earth's population from 13 to 80 yrs old are waiting and excited to hear our BINJIN getting married (1% is antis?).. HAYYY how long can we endure this waiting and hoping?????? patience, patience...... patience and pray desperately.
  10. as per @TotoroSYTheir eyes going all soft and their smiles being extra sweet whenever their eyes met.... can never get tired of watching that. Where words are restrained, Eyes often talk a great deal..... (Samuel Richarson)
  11. I'm also trying to get used to this background and my eyes are still adjusting to the color. Yesterday when i checked this forum I thought something went wrong with my screen. Anyway thank you @MY15 for the info.
  12. Life is full of surprises.. Sometimes you don't need to plan, Sometimes we just need to breath, trust and let go and see what happens next.. QUE SERA SERA Yes never give up.. continue our love and support to BinJin and who knows one day ( soon hopefully) this ship will finally dock.
  13. HAPPY 1000 PAGES and Congratulations fellow Shippers. Glad to be in this shipping journey.
  14. I totally agree with you. What if let's say it is HB seing someone and SYJ go on with her liking spree, what would the other party would feel knowing that they are being shipped? Im sure SYJ is not that insensitive... Unless of course that other party is our lovely YeJin herself.
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