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  1. HI Ladies, This is not ship related but if anyone has used or using Line App, can you please DM me? I just want to know your experience and if it is safe. I mean no hacking of your account, etc. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi @goldenashes97. I thought I should send you a message offline but decided to put it here instead hoping that others might benefit from this brief conversation. We both said our own piece and we don't owe each other an explanation. I appreciate your candor. Let's close this off; I'm all good. Cheers! BEAUTIFUL!!! It's heartfelt and that's what makes it beautiful. As a woman, we know if something is written from the heart vs. from the mind. What you just wrote may actually be happening or has happened already. It's totally not impossible. A part of me wishes that they are living together already by this time. I don't really know in that part of the world if co-habitation is no longer frowned upon, celebrity or not. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated
  3. Yay! So glad we are back to white background. But the view is left justified and I cannot change the view settings. It's quite difficult to read with the current setting. Is this a temporary view? Anyway, here's what I would like to say re: what has been shared by someone here (sorry gal, I can't locate the original post - it's the view) from Twitter. See below https://twitter.com/iloveggone/status/1282856634981576704 I'm guessing the interview for LMH was from April 2020 around the launching of TKEM. I'm amazed by the depth of his responses and how aligned they were with KGE's values and principles. But for picture 10 and his response - this must be from before he went into MS: Pic 10: LmH on his love attitude : If i walk to you, its for LIFE . In any case, the statement above appears to me as a reflection of his current state of mind. He doesn't want a fling fling relationship anymore. He's trying to imply that he does not want that girl to be "the one that got away." TO ME HE REALLY IS A HUSBAND MATERIAL at this stage of his life (goosebumps!) Lucky girl, KGE! Media not picking up on them as an item, agency silence - all good to me! Less pressure, less intrusion. Allow them to enjoy their newfound love and let it blossom. That's the least that this cray cray world can do for them.
  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful short story @AquariusMY. That author Jess is brilliant. I'm not a active Twitter follower so please convey my appreciation to her/him/neutral. We all need a dose of "appreciating the moments and small joys" in our lives to be happy. Now I can sleep with more smiles. Cheers!
  5. Hmmm.....for a while it occurred to me that you are being satirical about the exes and what not. But now I'm beginning to wonder whether you really are supportive of this topic. I also thought you take things at their face value and don't analyze or perhaps hypothesize as much, but it appears to me your subliminal thoughts say otherwise (Note: the word appears, meaning it's my impression). I appreciate that someone can play the "devil's advocate" to keep this ship in the balance. If that is your intent, you have my respect. Just saying....please take my words at its face value. PEACE
  6. Hahahha.....either way they spent the night together, and had BBQ Olive Chicken and MSD. Yeah baby, let's keep the positive imagination going.
  7. Wow...anything that either the King or the Queen posts will definitely create waves on social media! I got headache now because LMH's post was so late in the evening in my world and I logged on to this forum to check reactions. So I am sleep deprived again. The post yesterday (and the July 2nd too) was something INTENTIONAL and SPECIFIC. For whatever reason, only LMH knows. So I'll stop overthinking for now about the meaning of the song and the intention/reason behind it. One thing that I learned from my previous boss about communication is the importance of prepping your audience about the big message that you would like to convey in the very near future. I'm not suggesting that he is up to something, but maybe (in my mind) this is LMH's way of prepping his fans and the entertainment industry. All of the Minoz in this forum, and in other socmed platforms, say that he is a changed man and this frequent SNS posting is one of the noticeable difference from the younger Minho. So here I am, an eager and happy shipper, waiting for the next big thing. In the meantime, still praying for the happiness of (what I claim to be) this couple in love.
  8. The song has been interpreted by many artists. Here's a version that resonates better with me, not only in terms of the feels but I get to understand the phrasing of the English translation better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1IE8_X3BGY My POV on the song/lyrics: It's not actually a sad song. It's a song to remind someone that they should hold on to each other. Kind of a theme of REASSURANCE. The song is like: If you leave me....then this how it would feel. It would be very painful. Therefore, I am not heartbroken. I am REJOICING. The captain of the ship is once again wearing his emotions to his sleeves. He is soooooo IN LOVE
  9. @HappyVibeshahahha! Why do I think like you, sissy? I was about to say that. So now I'm feeling doubtful whether I should ship LMH x WDH too. Is he having sepanx too?
  10. Going back to withdrawal syndrome, I watched "Crazy Rich Asians" again for the 100th time this afternoon. If I haven't mentioned it before, Henry Golding is still my crush. I'm in this forum bec I'm shipping LMH x KGE as a couple; I like LMH, don't get me wrong, but still HG is in my heart (no judgement please and please don't kick me out for this revelation....hahahha). I'm a mixed species too (my mom is from Venus and my dad is from Mars -hahahah) so I gravitate towards my own kind....hahahah Anyway, I imagine the story of Rachel Chu and NIck Young as LMH's and KGE's story in real life. When Nick told Rachel that, "All I know is that I am my real self and totally happy when I am with you and I don't want that to change ever" and "I can leave everything here and start a life with you in New York," God why do I see our couple instead? All the lines and their sweet moments together, including the proposal and engagement, I see LMH and KGE as lovers in them. So in conclusion, just like some of you here who have been trying to deflect their attention to other Kdramas and movies, I am still not able to move on. And this is what happens when you don't get any crumbs at all!. Sigh!
  11. I SUPPORT THIS IDEA 100%!!! This has been my stance since day 1. I was tempted a few times to say or ask something about this topic but I've always held back. Why? Because someone else will respond and share new information; discussion could potentially digress (it has happened many times here) and before we know it we've already fallen into the trap of comparing them, somehow. Even if the topic about exes is well meaning and not offensive, I still believe that the best course of action for all of us is to stop mentioning this topic altogether. Enough is enough. Period. Full stop, Arret. Finito. Dejar. Berhenti. Tumigil. If you wish to discuss this topic with someone, send a private message to that person and perhaps the two of you or a group of you could have an enriching discussion. I don't mean to offend anyone. I just want this forum to maintain positive vibes. We have managed to enjoy and argue about sharing information, thoughts/feelings, ideas before without dropping the names of his or her exes. Let's continue doing that.
  12. Hello ladies, Since we haven't gotten any crumbs the past few days, let's have BBQ Olive Chicken half and half instead. This was a photo taken by a friend who moved to SK a few days ago. She and her family are still on a 2-week self-quarantine period. The Metropolitan Government of Seoul provided them with free food for two weeks (amazing!) but heck, she too is an avid fan so ordered this right away..... I already told her that as soon as she's allowed to go out she must stroll by the Han River and that bridge between midnight and 5 am to get a sighting of LMH and/or KGE. She's not a member of this forum but I told her to lurk to get more tips. Gees, poor lady. She has a lot to manage about settling in and here I am insisting on my wishes (aka delulu)
  13. Hooray! That's the spirit, girl I'm totally with you. Someone mentioned dreaming about our couple. I, too, had a dream last night - this shipping business is so bad. Instead of me dreaming that I won the lottery I had a dream about LMH and KGE instead. I relived the hospital bench thumb talking scene and I was there right in front of them as part of the film crew. After the "cut" and during the break, they carried on with their conversation for a good 30 minutes in the same spot and KGE leaned her head on his shoulders, oblivious of the crew and fancams around them. When I woke up I noticed that my left hand was clammy and I was holding my husband's hands, perhaps I was thumb talking as well subconsciously.....LOL Maybe it's sepanx, but this is going way longer than I thought. This is bad, bad, bad.....
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