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  1. Whew!!! Almost have a heart attack when I saw Yejin's post! thought it was an announcement already!! I'm too happy, I'm crying inside.. What more once we receive the good news! Binjin what have you done to me...
  2. Binnie's back, new CLOY BTS unpacked, drought is now put to a stop and its time for Jinnie to attack!!!.. (kidding! ) The last 2 months were a roller coaster ride for everyone who managed to ride the tide.. good thing we always keep our heads above which made this ship stronger..
  3. Been in a lurk mode again after I've been busy with real life happenings.. But need to come out and agree with what others have said already.. Let us not impose any timeline/ deadline to our otp please.. Let them do it at their own pace and own will.. They are real people too.. We, shippers do not own them and cant dictate what they want.. Always ship responsibly..
  4. Oh cool.. Thanks.. I just noticed today since I don't usually open my sns accounts..
  5. Just realised that jennyhousewedding_mijung changed its profile pic and removed the photo of SYJ.. What could that mean?
  6. Help!! How can I watch the cf? Tried searching youtube following instructions on previous page but can't see the smart video.. Lucky me it has been moved to 6pm but can someone direct me to right channel?
  7. 282.. @mademoisellesia returning.. Been on and off from time to time..
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