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  1. @partyon, that KP article made me sad. I'm not Korean, and I've only recently picked up kdramas again, but I just hate to read about significant changes to the drama landscape. I agree with you, I would support shows that are 8-12 hours long. Anyway. Goodnight, everyone! I've only been on this thread for a short time, but I don't think I've ever seen the number go above 500. 506
  2. @Glitter, I see it's on Viki, so I'll check it out! I think quite a few others on here watch it as well. 500
  3. @Glitter, who's the hot couple in your profile pic? I think I see two people? I'm very near-sighted. 498
  4. Hi, @Glitter. Morning, @MY15 @MayanEcho, what lead to your 24 hr+ awakeathon? Sorry if you mentioned it in the previous pages, and I need to backread. 496
  5. Good night, all. @partyon, I will do my best to stop by more often! 118
  6. I'm super pleased with the ending. Did the show answer all our questions? No. Mmm, so what exactly happened to Park Ok Ran? I guess it doesn't really matter anymore. The important thing for me is that our three leads received wonderful conclusions to their tales, and we're free to imagine where the next chapters will take them. I loved the mini vignette at the end of episode 16 showing our trio on their RV trip. They bonded, they laughed, they truly came together as a family. This is the first kdrama I've ever watched with the benefit of a discussion board. It's been fun reading everyone's theories and reactions.
  7. @MinLyn, yes, a bit of withdrawal right now. This is the first kdrama I've ever watched "live." I usually binge watch dramas after they've finished airing, so this one hit differently. Glad to hear both you and @mirmz are having good weekends/Sundays. 198
  8. Hi Everyone. I'm at a bit of a loss now that IOTNBO is over. 200
  9. Good morning, and good night to @mirmz (we keep missing each other even though we live in the same country, darn time zones!). I'm saddened to read about certain changes to the forum. It feels like the change of an era even though I only recently signed up for a Soompi account. I haven't gotten to know many people, but during my short time on the add/sub thread, it's been fun reading everyone's posts even if I don't know always know what y'all are talking about. 158 (forgot the purpose of the thread...lol)
  10. Popping in to say a quick hello and good night. It's been a long, tiring workday. 462
  11. Good morning, everyone. The massive jump in pages must mean I missed a battle. Congrats, Team Sub. Again. 488
  12. Re: filming in Jordan over Afghanistan - movies based on real-life events aren't always filmed in the locations where the events took place. After all, they're not making documentaries. The production team has to consider logistics, costs, etc. I think Jordan is actively trying to establish itself as a filming site and offers rebates to eligible productions, and that's certainly quite a perk. http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/jordan-builds-success-int’l-filming-location https://www.screendaily.com/features/how-jordan-is-growing-its-film-industry/5144607.article The CF developments over the last few days have been overwhelming. The Saselomo CF was a nice surprise. Looking forward to the reveal for her 7/22 IG post.
  13. @mademoisellesia I like Kim Soo Hyun, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo. I have not seen any of his works, but I quite like the visuals of Jung Woo Sung Ah, Yoo Jin Woo. I need to give MOTA another try. I started it after CLOY, and it was strange to see him with Park Shin Hye. @MY15, re At Long Last 394
  14. @mademoisellesia, who's your oppa? Based on your comments, I'm guessing it's not HB, lol. Hi, @MayanEcho! @MY15, indeed, there are so many talented writers out there. +2 392
  15. Hi @MinLyn. Uh oh, yes, it's probably me, @MY15, I use various iterations of Teeners. What were you reading? I've got a long list on Wattpad and AO3. At Long Last is very popular and very good. It's a continuation of CLOY, kind of like season 2 for us desperate fans. 392
  16. Good night, @mirmz, it's already almost 10 p.m. where you are, isn't it. 394
  17. Hello, everyone. This reminds me of my sisters, mom, and I saying morning to each other every day. We're spread out in 3 different time zones. 394
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