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  1. Popping in to say a quick hello and good night. It's been a long, tiring workday. 462
  2. Good morning, everyone. The massive jump in pages must mean I missed a battle. Congrats, Team Sub. Again. 488
  3. Re: filming in Jordan over Afghanistan - movies based on real-life events aren't always filmed in the locations where the events took place. After all, they're not making documentaries. The production team has to consider logistics, costs, etc. I think Jordan is actively trying to establish itself as a filming site and offers rebates to eligible productions, and that's certainly quite a perk. http://www.jordantimes.com/news/local/jordan-builds-success-int’l-filming-location https://www.screendaily.com/features/how-jordan-is-growing-its-film-industry/5144607.article The CF developments over the last few days have been overwhelming. The Saselomo CF was a nice surprise. Looking forward to the reveal for her 7/22 IG post.
  4. @mademoisellesia I like Kim Soo Hyun, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo. I have not seen any of his works, but I quite like the visuals of Jung Woo Sung Ah, Yoo Jin Woo. I need to give MOTA another try. I started it after CLOY, and it was strange to see him with Park Shin Hye. @MY15, re At Long Last 394
  5. @mademoisellesia, who's your oppa? Based on your comments, I'm guessing it's not HB, lol. Hi, @MayanEcho! @MY15, indeed, there are so many talented writers out there. +2 392
  6. Hi @MinLyn. Uh oh, yes, it's probably me, @MY15, I use various iterations of Teeners. What were you reading? I've got a long list on Wattpad and AO3. At Long Last is very popular and very good. It's a continuation of CLOY, kind of like season 2 for us desperate fans. 392
  7. Good night, @mirmz, it's already almost 10 p.m. where you are, isn't it. 394
  8. Hello, everyone. This reminds me of my sisters, mom, and I saying morning to each other every day. We're spread out in 3 different time zones. 394
  9. Congrats, @mirmz, Lochlann's beautiful name. 398
  10. Hi, @Alice Wonderland, I think I was too caught up with the battle yesterday to say hi. 438
  11. @mirmz, I see you mention you're not into kdramas. Do you like kpop? What drew you to Soompi? 452
  12. I got really excited when I saw this pop up under hot topics. I loved the book when I read it awhile back. Looking forward to the show!
  13. Hee, hee. Such a fitting theme for what we've been going through.
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