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  1. if i’m not mistaken the chanmin loveline became awake after they showed the fan project. if you will watch the video, one of their wishes to se chan is to take care somin. so, that’s why they kept teasing ysc because they know there are many chanmin fans in the ph. stay strong kookmin!

    2 hours ago, vxxncx said:

    2 hours ago, vxxncx said:

    Yes!! I don't know if he first announce it earlier, but he has a VLIVE (Philippines online fanmeet, I am filipino, thats why I have an opportunity to watch it btw the live just ended now) with YSC, Haha and JSJ earlier and he said his new album is on the works now! 

    Speaking of the online fanmeeting, ChanMin loveline is still alive :tears: or I don't know maybe they know that there's a lot of ChanMin fans in our country thats why they did that :sweatingbullets: Haha keep on teasing YSC earlier even KJK chants JSM name to tease YSC. Members really did love JSM, they mentioned her a lot :joy: Just a heads up, maybe they will still continue the LL to the next episodes ... But hey, I'm not being negative here I'm still confident with KookMin of course. I know that is just a loveline :sweatingbullets: 


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