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  1. Happiest birthday to Korea Nation's First Love, The Chungmuro Queen, Box office Queen, Queen of Melodrama, Hallyu Queen and Hyun Bin's Queen, Son Ye Jin! May you have a wonderful celebration with your loved ones. Stay healthy, happy and in love! We love you. From BinJin fans all over the world!
  2. Hello everyone. Let me just say CONGRATULATIONS to all of us, our ship has finally sailed! 24hrs have passed but still it hasn't sank everything yet to me. I burst into tears yesterday when i read the great news! No perfect words can express how i really feel right now. I'm just sooo happy! Really happy! Thank you Binnie and Yejin for the gift, a New Year's gift. We all deserve this. You both also deserve all the love in the world! ❤ Please take care of each other, nurture your relationship and i'm praying for your lifetime happiness. Everyone is celebrating for you. The world love
  3. Hello BinJin friends. Merry Christmas and advance Happy New Year to all! As some of us expected, Yejin did not update anything. She broke her yearly post tradition during Christmas She knows everyone is waiting for her to post so she did the opposite haha! Anyway, things happen when we least expect it. So have faith!
  4. @PrettyNoona This mock interview made my day. I'm giggling the whole time reading it. You nailed it! Binnie and Yejin will definitely laugh at this, you pre-empted their future couple interview Advance Merry Christmas everyone. Love and light ❤
  5. I can't get over this! My stomach hurts from laughing. That's just sooo funny! Oh Vast and MSteam are officially a tag team now! Seriously, same updates again almost same time on the 22nd. Very significant date to BinJin
  6. In correct translations, Binnie did not mention God. It's just so funny that antis ride on that wrong phrase This graph is funny but the accuracy is lit! BinJin fans you are the best!
  7. Word for the day ... IS THAT SO? Wow CLOY really set the bar so high! The photobook in Japan is at number 1 in sales. And ranked #1 in HongKong Tatler! And then there's Vast and MsTeam same day updates again. Yeah subtle way of telling us, they are tag team now. Just kidding lol
  8. Genius! I'm having LSS now. BinJin fans are really talented. I hope Binnie and Yejin will see this. This will also make them laugh
  9. The visuals of this Power Couple Can't wait for what's in store for them next year aside from Bargaining and Cross. Yejin's birthday is really fast approaching. Exciting times ahead!
  10. BinJin updates again today just a few minutes apart! And both were interviews! This is not a coincidence anymore. We are so spoiled by our OTP! Thank you BinJin And mind you both of their videos are at 1:01 so, 10:08 who?
  11. Beautiful photo book I guess i have to get my own copy also. Hmmm...Is this one of those "happy lunch" during TN filming or before the filming starts? Sneaky BinJin
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