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  1. Congratulations Binnie a well deserved recognition! Looking more dashing and well rested since he came back from Jordan. He also gained weight. Looks like he is enjoying his free time resting while watching his fave movies and having some beers with ehem the love of his life Yejin. Hahaha! I was a bit emotional when Yejin's video message was shown on the screen during the event, we can only imagine what was Binnie's reaction then while watching it. Thank you KPCAA, Yejin may not there physically but her presence felt because of that and for showing beautiful scenes of CLOY with Binnie. Our hea
  2. Hello Chingus! I was very happy to see the synchronized posts last night about our BinJin. From Yejin and Vast. The timing was impeccable,for me it was not a coincidence. It's like they are telling us of something. Announcement maybe? Haha! Dreaming! Now, how can BinJin fans calm down when we keep getting these occurences, intentional or unintentional?! I tell you no one's gonna stay sane. By the way Binnie's Bohum clinic CF has been released a while ago but i don't know how to share it here.
  3. This forum is on a hot topic now at number 1 i thought there's something great to celebrate and talk about. I mean, the long overdue announcement that we have been waiting for hahaha! Anyway, please continue voting our BinJin on AAA poll. Take care everyone.
  4. Hi Chingus! Everyone seems so busy voting BinJin in AAA. Keep on voting friends even if Binnie is behind those kpop idols or Yejin couldn't make it on top every night, we can do this altogether. Atleast we are putting our best to vote for them. It is really a tough competition but FIGHTING!
  5. Hi. With regards to Binnie's father, it's fake news. Don't be fooled by this Sohu which lovekpop site always bring up in her article about Yejin. This was already discussed here before, it was a FAKE NEWS. Don't be like other delulu shippers who keep on connecting things thru animals, hands, voice, trees, bag and delulu feed from so called squad etc. We are so blessed in this fandom which BinJin themselves fed us even months after CLOY.
  6. Hi chingus! Looks like everyone is busy on voting app. Let's all unite for our BinJin. We can all do this. Anyway, congratulations to our Yejin for purchasing a 13.9M dollar building! Wow! Good investment. When our dear Binnie said that Yoon Seri is almost 100% Son Ye Jin he didn't lie though. Son Ye Jin is real life Yoon Seri!
  7. Happy sunday BinJin fighters! I am glad that Yejin post on her instagram yesterday, as usual she looks radiant, beautiful and glowing! A picture of a woman who is content and happy with life. That smile and posture looks like a model! She really glows. That's why those haters are so jealous of her because Yejin always liked to tease hahaha! I guess that post is telling us that everything is ok, just chill everybody and that is also the answer to her haters ...Hit her, beat her she will always slay and happy! You are such a mood Son Ye Jin!!!
  8. @BinJinBest Add to that a photo of them together ate in a restaurant in Busan after filming CLOY. They were seated beside each other. Looking like a sweet couple eating their favorite food. And the video on the last filming of CLOY when they hugged and tap each other's back,that was sweet gestures of a real couple who have done/finished a 7 gruelling months of drama on a high note! If their US trip was a media play how come Hyun Bin adjusted his schedules and wrap up party of MOTA was done earlier? Seems he was in a hurry to join his lady love in the United States for two or 3 week
  9. Looking great Binnie. Still a bit bulky, Captain Ri vibes! I heard it's for Bohum clinic?
  10. Too much candies and cakes from both BinJin's sides. We are loving it! Thank you and we love you Vast And wow back to back magazine covers of Yejin in Philippines! Superliked the caption, Hallyu Queen. Yeah she really is the Hallyu Queen now!
  11. I heard from Binnie's fan that he had a business meeting yesterday there. Anyway, as expected Yejin did not accept the drama offer with Kang Ha Neul. I guess she will be busy preparing for her hollywood movie. But like she said in her fan meeting, she's still in talks and not sure yet. I hope and pray it will still push through.
  12. I beg to disagree with BK. They are only FEW filipino fans pushing that ship to revive again. They are the one who always connect trees, animals, animals, animals, to believe their ship. I pity Son Ye Jin unnie, only because of a MAN, some of them are trying to ruin her clean and good image, trying to put her in a bad light, mudslinging and non stop harsh words against her. She don't deserve this. Only Hyun Bin could put a stop to this.
  13. I also thought it's a joint cf but it's okay. Praying for that too. I just miss them together. Binnie will probably busy next month for a cf or the next two months to promote Bargaining. While Yejin is still unsure of her hollywood movie.
  14. Yes This might be their possible joint cf or a solo of Binnie again Happy chuseok BinJin! ENJOY YOUR TIME TOGETHER. ENJOY EVERY MOMENTS TOGETHER. THIS IS YOUR 3RD TIME TOGETHER DURING CHUSEOK. I'M WAITING FOR YEJIN TO POST SOMETHING DURING THIS HOLIDAY IN KOREA WHICH SHE USUALLY DOES EVERY YEAR. She is missing in action again after her fan meet and Binnie as well. Thanks to the Smart Executive for the new update, we have something to look forward to.
  15. Yes this is what i truly meant. I agree and convinced too, they are together and definitely dating since 2018. Binnie adjusted his schedules and advanced wrap up party of MOTA to be with Yejin in the USA for 2weeks or more? That's love.
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