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  1. How is she accused of buying weibo search? This is ridiculous thinking at its finest! Huge stars who have already established themselves need not do fanservice or cheap careless media play just to get attention for upcoming projects/CF. As far as I can remember, SHK IG followers is like what? 10M? As compared to what? So yeah, she's that popular.. you get my point. And seriously, this attitude of reaching out to the label with the intention of maligning the image of SHK or HB stylist is so low. Obviously want to stir up another statement just to prove a point. Seems like 5 denials are not enough.
  2. I have mixed feelings about what happened last night. It was not because they have put an end to our hopes of reconciliation but the need to issue a statement because things were blown of out proportion. I have read several articles re their reconciliation but it was the very first time that I read about the property acquisition and the living together setup. These things are not trivial and are damaging to them if untrue so it is only right to disprove this thru their agencies statements. Now that it reached SK media, I am expecting people to put their prying eyes on them so let us not fan the rumors anymore. If there are hints, we can keep it to ourselves for now out of respect to them. Let’s give them the privacy that they need. Anyway we can still support their individual projects and continue our fangirling at peace. I believe the truth shall come out at the right time. May it be from their squads or thru themselves, only time will tell.
  3. People came here out of their own free will and then put the blame on the posts that they have read if it doesnt make them feel good! Going as far as creating an account to debunk binkyo. A perfect example of a toxic attitude. I came here because I like what I see and read. People here stan a beautiful couple who earned our respect, love, and support. I will choose to believe VAST so until then let’s keep the positive vibes going on here.
  4. Quote to live by: Rumours are carried by HATERS spread by FOOLS, and accepted by IDIOTS. Where do you belong?
  5. Good job squirrel armies! No wonder this is among the hot and popular threads here in Soompi! haha To whom it may concern: I know the posts here can stir one's fragile shipper's heart, but please it doesn't hurt to back read so that you will be aware of what real crumbs are. The squirrel armies here have already done a good job in debunking their own assumptions.
  6. Maybe HB squad feels like she's a different person 5 minutes before she posted the IGS that's why she deleted it. But in reality, she is really a silent BINKYO supporter, for all we know!
  7. I think he has proven this time and again that’s why he has very loyal fans!☺️ For someone as established as him in SK, I don’t see the point of denying dating rumours if there’s really some truth to it. He’s not anymore a teenage idol trying to gain popularity or acceptance from the public. He’s a grown up man and I think it is but right to stand up for love! Love is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.
  8. Kyo is reviewing her next work after Encounter. Looking forward to see her next projects. What do you want her to do this time?
  9. Oh I saw that post too. So that’s baby R. I wonder why she hid or deleted that post. Got so excited to see her update her IG.
  10. I would love to see them both together now all looking dashing, happy and contented in life. If you may add their cute dogs, as well. haha TBH, if they are really talking friends right now or have rekindled their love, we don't even need to know. It's their lives afterall. We are just mere observers. All we can do is to be supportive of them. But my gut feel is saying, with all the coincidences mentioned in this page, it's not impossible for them to cross paths again. So I do hope, sometime, somewhere in this crazy world that they live in, they will be able to fight for this beautiful "long and tiring" love they onced have before. Binkyo Fighting!
  11. I really thought that they are already a couple during the presscon because of how he acts toward Kyo and how he answered the interview questions back then. I think Hyun Bin's gestures are already a giveaway! he is so smitten! Haha Now I get Hyun Bin. What you see is what you get. If there is really something, there's no point in denying because it is the truth. ;-)
  12. Their personalities are alike I think that’s why they clicked. Both are introvert but when they are with their close friends, they are full of life.
  13. I agree. He really is a very private person. I think that’s what I like about him. He’s not a kiss and tell guy. He knows what to share to the public and is very straightforward during interviews and in denying rumours. I think that’s also the reason why his fans are very loyal to him.
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