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  1. They should be professional on cam and adhere to the tight schedule. Off cam they should be free to be themselves. They can eat, go to the restroom, joking, etc. holding hand during off cam is not related with work ethics. The accusation is transgression of private rights. Unless their holding hands cause the shooting to be longer than it should be, or cause scene damage. we shouldn’t let this unhealthy obsession of work ethic become unnecessary burden. They’re human being. Just like us.
  2. You mean a little bit naughty? hahahhaah... well, their chemistry and body languages were way above the charts compared to Binjin. Hence, now that binjin is confirmed, then obviously we only need to be more patient before we see them at the altar?
  3. They’re their wingmen and wing women . Of course they can come up with thousand ways to mitigate unnecessary risks prior to the official announcement. meanwhile...both managements are still silent. It’s enough confirmation for me
  4. Wow....waking up to this fandom and couldn’t help but mesmerized by the whole thoughts and supports from all you girls for our couple. So blessed to be part of you I shared the same convictions as you all, about the stories behind last night events. The heaviness of a man, feeling lonely, unfair, and undeserved to be there since his team mates couldn’t make it, while he knows they deserve somewhat his winning too, that he wouldn’t make it without them. Instead of cheering and mention their support, heavily, he just brush it off, like saying, I don’t deserve mentioning all of you to
  5. Yep, and totally agree with the photographer’s comment. she looks amazing wearing boyfriend’s shirt. It really looks great on her. Another statement I guess, I miss you, here I am wearing your shirt that you left last time my delulu mind.
  6. Wow...... we’re just so blessed opened my IG and like whatttt the heck and laughed like crazy while having a very serious meeting for multi millions dollar projects . My team was like what’s going on? . Damn I forgot to mute. I’m so happy they’re definitely open and declared their relationship. I imagine they watched together the KKBE musical orchestra together during dinner. and LMH really coming home to her . That’s a powerful statement of what we have confirmed all along. Alrite, I need to go back to the meeting. yuhuuu all my fe
  7. Then if that’s the case, it’s full force of working mode. Definitely I don’t envy all his employees then . After midnight escapades . Unless you go out as group of friends, enjoying midnight hiking, sightseeing of quiet night, closed with sunrise and breakfast together. Now that something that I’m willing to sign up for. On 2nd thought, did this effort trying to downplay your 2nd of July video? Isn’t it too late for that? Well, alrite then LMH, bring it on, whatever it is on your sleeves, we’re ready, come low or high water
  8. Now the question is who’s filming all those late nights escapades? His employees? Well, it looks like private moments to me. Hence I doubt it . and yes, I caught a girl’s laughters too.
  9. That TS move stand big portion of chance. We did compare them a lot with TS and JA here right? Even ask them to take a lesson or two on how to navigate the muddy waters of so call K-entertainment industry from them. Hollywood and British entertainment industry are no joke, both as demanding as any entertainment industry can be. Imagine TS with more than 140 Mio followers at IG, always sold out concerts tickets anywhere she goes, won even legal battle against her sexual harassment case, redefine her agency, redefine herself again and again....sounds similar with different scale to LMH righ
  10. Absolutely agree on the melancholy notes. I think that’s where the old proverbs and sayings come from right? That it doesn’t matter how you’ve conquered the world, what matter the most are your family and loved ones. And without a soulmate to share your after math day by day, it feels so lonely and sad. Since during the day you give yourself to the world wholeheartedly. You brighten so many lives, give so much of mostly meaningless smiles that you’ve perfected for years. You put on your mask, shields, and then slay all the challenges that life has put in front of you. But at the end
  11. And he posted his 1st snippet of documentary and launch his YouTube channel. I haven’t seen KGE’s shadow though. https://youtu.be/amGBq6fmneY
  12. hahahha.....initially I would like to keep this thought to myself. Couldn’t believe that your thought echoes mine . yeah...felt that the impending big announcement will come soon. With all the signs that we got so far. your thoughts around KGE’s posting too. Are you my twin or what? Fighting KGE. It’s only 8 episodes. Shouldn’t be that long. I know the heavy of long distance relationships. Been there done that for years. It takes toll yes, but it also make every moment they’re together become very precious and unforgettable. Since you will take extra measures to mak
  13. KGE is having girls trip driving with her best friends . I love girls’ days out. It’s always great moments for me to connect with my best friends and have not meaningful conversations about every unimportant things . have fun girls...
  14. June 5th was the start right? It was the airing of episode 14 or 15? Something important must had happened there . Maybe it’s the first time they watch the TKEM episode together? Spending the night? Remember how crazy we were with all that fried chicken, beers, and tonic water , best companion and who wants to watch with whom. well....just seeing how happy they are is enough to make our heart contented. Cheers to all of you ladies.... wait...wait...their first kiss was at episode 5. Is that the significance of number 5 was all about? Their very first kiss whic
  15. well...that and a healthy doses of endorphins will definitely make any woman glows . Every ahjumma will know what I’m talking about
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