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  1. They should be professional on cam and adhere to the tight schedule. Off cam they should be free to be themselves. They can eat, go to the restroom, joking, etc. holding hand during off cam is not related with work ethics. The accusation is transgression of private rights. Unless their holding hands cause the shooting to be longer than it should be, or cause scene damage. we shouldn’t let this unhealthy obsession of work ethic become unnecessary burden. They’re human being. Just like us.
  2. You mean a little bit naughty? hahahhaah... well, their chemistry and body languages were way above the charts compared to Binjin. Hence, now that binjin is confirmed, then obviously we only need to be more patient before we see them at the altar?
  3. They’re their wingmen and wing women . Of course they can come up with thousand ways to mitigate unnecessary risks prior to the official announcement. meanwhile...both managements are still silent. It’s enough confirmation for me
  4. Wow....waking up to this fandom and couldn’t help but mesmerized by the whole thoughts and supports from all you girls for our couple. So blessed to be part of you I shared the same convictions as you all, about the stories behind last night events. The heaviness of a man, feeling lonely, unfair, and undeserved to be there since his team mates couldn’t make it, while he knows they deserve somewhat his winning too, that he wouldn’t make it without them. Instead of cheering and mention their support, heavily, he just brush it off, like saying, I don’t deserve mentioning all of you to
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