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  1. Thank you. Too bad Spotify is not popular in China. Now how can I import this to Spotify? Will investigate on this. Oh wow....I agree with you, the flute....oh the flute.... The true Manpasikjeok.
  2. Yay...bright white and blue. My eyes love it. thanks Soompi. Drowned in works, tried to get a lil break by coming here. And it’s very bright indeed. Now if the Korean’s Valentine Day will bring us some bread to discuss, that will be double threats. Gravity (flute version) is the Chinese version? Tried to look in Spotify but no luck
  3. Adding that My Love by My Side into my “King and Queen” playlist at Spotify Sigh... Haven’t we read too much into this? Yes I know, we’re in love. But...let’s rewind a bit shall we? Have we loved some musics and inserted them in our playlist although they don’t have any resemblance with our current existing life story? Yes I have. Have we listen to musics that our loved one like? I have too. I love listening to one of my father’s fav song (well I grow up with that song as the ost) when I miss him. That song has been covered by many new singers nowadays. Some I like, some I pass. We don’t know what we don’t know about the facts around that post. He might want to just post something while waiting and reading our rants that he gave no crumbs, or true to his nature, he want to troll us . Anyways... Whichever it is, be happy. Because loving is set them free and want them to be happy. Whether they live to our expectations or not is not ours to decide. Let’s ship with dignity. Until there’s official denial from both parties, let’s let our hearts flutter. Let’s enjoy this feeling of giddiness. While it lasts....
  4. I agree with you. After carefully listening to it, It’s not sad love song. More like a longing and yearning song. And it’s absolutely KGE type of song. The message is: ”You should’ve come home with me. Be always with me. But you’re not YET. So please don’t be away to long, because without you by my side, I’m not complete.” waiting for our Korean friend to confirm this. He might just dropped her at her place after a weekend together Girls. He’s questioning why? Why don’t you just move in with me? So at least at the end of the day, You come home to me, always. That’s how I feel the vibe of the song is.
  5. It’s a broken heart song..... Wow.... What’s going on LMH? Have you got your first disagreement with her? Relax my friend... You only need to obey this 2 rules: 1. Woman is always right 2. If proven otherwise, look at rule no 1 That’s LMH is the key to happily ever after . Don’t be discouraged. You need to be more persistent in situation like this. We women love man who grovel properly and wholeheartedly. On 2nd thoughts, this is actually kind of song that KGE will listen to. She loves gut wrenching song. Like the ones she used to sing in those TV shows.
  6. I don’t see dropping. I see slowly releasing. He didn’t have to catch her hand. He could just step back and walked away. But he did catch her hand and slowly put her hand away because both of them need to have makeup re-touches. If you don’t know, it was closed up scene where hundreds of watts lamp were shoved into their faces. Quiet hot actually. Not to mention all that reflective screen. Hot and blinding.
  7. Listening to TKEM BGM while browsing through twitter and soompi. And what make this longing feeling bearable is because we’re not alone at all. I can feel the vibe all around. Everyone is anxious waiting for any new materials. Many are trying to dissect old materials with new angles. Soompi goes to Instagram, Instagram goes to Twitter, Twitter goes here . Wow is an understatement explaining this phenomenon. I think the main reason of many of us boarding this ship is because LMH & KGE’s journey literally is a proof to all of us that ‘mind blowing love’ does exist. Their journey makes our heart flutters and in some way experiencing again how fall in love feels. All the anxiety of waiting any sign from someone that we’re madly attracted to, every analysis that we try to rationalize from every gesture that he makes, every word, every twitch of eyes. And not to forget all the longing feeling when that special someone is not around. Plus those giddy happy feelings when we find anything related to them which solidify our hope, that our love is not one sided. All of us shippers are falling in love...and... Falling in love is like getting hit by a truck and yet not being mortally wounded. just sick to your stomach, high one minute, low the next. Starving hungry but unable to eat. hot, cold, forever horny, full of hope and enthusiasm, with momentary depressions that wipe you out. It is also not being able to remove the smile from your face, loving life with a mad passionate intensity, and feeling ten years younger. Love does not appear with any warning signs. You fall into it as if pushed from a high diving board. No time to think about what's happening. It's inevitable. An event you can't control. A crazy, heart-stopping, roller-coaster ride that just has to take its course. So my fellowships of this ship(pun intended)...it’s my honor to fall with you
  8. For all of you who’s discussing borders, Instagram native border is very limited. You need to have specific apps for more option of border that’s used by KGE, especially the horizontal one. Have a look at this link below. See, I usually don’t bother to entertain this border matter, since I don’t need more receipt than they already shared. Just waiting for official announcement here. But I’m in the middle of meeting in Saturday night and desperately need distractions https://macpaw.com/how-to/white-frame-instagram
  9. That’s how desperate I am It’s good story line, please don’t be offended. But somehow, I’m looking for that explosive chemistry which I know won’t find but still I can hope right? I know I’m so bias and being unfair. I plan to watch the rest, but maybe some other time. Not tonight.
  10. Trying to move on... Read some novels... Watched other Kdrama...manage to go through 4 eps of hotel de laluna. Then jump to last episode. Watched the Old Guard, Bitten, Umbrella Academy, Van Helsing... yet...here I am... combing through insta feed of all TKEM theme. Speed watching TKEM again, enjoying my favorite scenes... sigh.... I’ve never in my history of more than 20 years watching Kdrama, have this kind of withdrawals syndrome. TKEM really did number on me. I heard rumors that there’s no plan to release DVD cut. Anyone heard that rumor too?
  11. Hey...we’re in this together. Big group hugs. It’s just not healthy to depend our emotional state based on their relationship Cheer up. We can tease each other in this ship. Have fun. Cheer and support them. But relax, they have their own life. Our want can not dictate how they live their life. In our Captain we trust . I’m sorry if my words hurt you. No offense intended. But come on, this ship business is supposed to be fun, engaging, and bringing us together as friends. My days are not complete without this forum now
  12. Why are you shaken? You said yourself it happened a year ago? In my life, I’ve never seen a man which is obviously so smitten and whipped to a woman when he has feeling for the other. LMH has that kind of look toward KGE. I think I’m old and experienced enough to differentiate infatuation, acting, and pure besotted look from a man and woman. I cannot say that their relationship will survive life and time test, though I pray they will fight hard and growing old together. But I know what I’ve seen. Relax, don’t let this ship thing affect your life too much. Again we can hope and pray, but reality can be different. And I’m sure all of us here are mature enough to accept that. I think at this point no one can assure me that their relationship is not real, at least at the duration of TKEM airing. If someday they deny things, that’s because it’s not working by then. Not because it wasn’t there in the first place.
  13. That’s us shippers though the video itself was actually football game being edited with TKEM scene. Quiet days...no crumbs? Almost 4th week without TKEM. My withdrawals syndrome is getting better. But still miss them a lot. Sigh...
  14. Actually at the cut from the scene (not the BTS), LMH blinked a lot too. Well, it’s due to that electric sensation that you got when you kissed someone that meant to be yours. Which at the beginning felt too surreal to be true. KGE feel that too. That peck on the neck, Hahahahah....we all ahjumma know pretty well how the electric current shot and then travel south . Leaving goosebumps and warm to hot feeling everywhere. Sorry, but that lust look in the beheading scene is very hard to be faked. Unless you’re a method actor
  15. If this is true then he’s a goner. I think the conversation goes like this: LMH : “Babe, either you undo your like, or I go public.“ KGE : Pouting, but happy. and then they have ....shall we say hot sessions? Jealousy adds some magic into the session. It’s up there with make up and angry sessions league
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