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  1. @masunni I love being delulu but I am also realistic. So I luv ur way of thinking. Although I do think that once our couple is out they will move full force, we just have to remember to be patient. No noise doesn't mean its not sailing, just that its sailing smoothly! Unless they say otherwise
  2. The power of Kim Go Eun. The Pope liked her Marieclarie moving cover post on insta. This is on another level!!
  3. Hello Lovelies!!! dropping by with some info on our beautiful queen! And apparently it will be on the youtube!! I'm excited to see her on screen again!!! Hopefully we will also get more content from her interviews! @kdfan_incad oh oh can I join!??! I am down for the camping!! we can hold a live for the people who can't come haha
  4. YESSS PLEASE!! I've been wondering about that sunscreen!!! I've been using shiseido and it leaves a bit too much of a white residue for me. @AgentQuake Teddy is adorable!! Good luck taming Teddys inner prime minister! @HR. Good Luck on classes and remember to come back to destress and laugh at whatever they come up with next time
  5. @vpp pv backtracked and watched that vid you left... they deff look flirty but I would need to need to know more about the actors to know what they are usually like. They are cute together though!! @kdfan_incad I watched 1ep of Record of youth and really liked it so far so yea hopefully it will pull me out of the TKEM funk. Oh thanks to those who reviewed the kahi products I may try that mist cause I need that KGE baby skin !
  6. Funny how these bombs are more like little fire crackers.... anyways @AgentQuake I’m down for a Goblin rewatch. I could always use more Gong Yoo in my life! And if that brings out KGEs personal Kim shin so be it Everyone stay safe!
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